Monday 27 December 2010

Buying a Car Cover and living in London?

Parking in London has always been a problem and a parking space is a much treasured possession if you have one. So if you want to protect your car and use a car cover you will probably need one with a parking permit or tax disc holder window to keep the authorities happy. If your car is parked on the public highway, then you must display your tax disc, it is after all a legal requirement. If you park in a residence parking area then you will need to display a permit or risk getting a fine.

The Solution is to use one of our new Advan-tex bespoke car covers. Each one is individually made to order here in the UK. We insert a special window at time of manufacture so you can display both your tax disc and parking permit so you wont get into trouble with the law.

We can also fit a car cover locking kit and car cover alarm so you can protect your investment from thieves.

Don't be fobbed off by sellers suggesting taping things to the outside of a standard cover as in reality this isnt a viable solution.

To read more about our Advan-Tex bespoke car covers visit us at

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Thursday 9 December 2010

Monsoon Car Cover Review

Monsoon car covers from are a great solution to Winter / outdoor storage. They are a good fit, usually with pockets for the wing mirrors. They are polurathane based which means the material isnt as breathable as some other fabrics.

This isnt a problem though as the cover is breathable by design and has vents to help the air circulate. Infact in the winter months it works in a good way as damp, moisture heavy air doesnt pass through the cover and condense on the car like some other car covers.

The material is 100% waterproof, but can be slightly delicate if the cover is on and off the car every day. Great for longer term winter storage though where the cover is on the car for long periods.

The inner lining is also quite soft, distinctly different to the Stormforce and Voyager solutions which look similar inside and out.

Because the cover is Polyurathane, it doesnt last well in very hot climates where there is high UV and intense heat, in these instances a Stormforce, Voyager or Advan-Tex solution would be better.

All in all the Monsoon cover is a great solution for older cars over winter and help protect them from the worst of the elements

To discover more about Monsoon Car Covers Vist Monsoon Car Covers at

Sunday 5 December 2010

Its Cold Outside

As temperatures drop in the UK over past and coming weeks, there is no better solution that the Stormforce 4 Layer Outdoor Car Cover to protect your car from Ice and Frost. Even if you are using the car everyday it, no more scraping windows or frozen shup door catches.

The frost can also have a significant negative effect on soft tops, especially if they are coloured. Do youself and your car a favour and get a Stormforce fitted outdoor car cover today from

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Car Covers - Where are they now?

Car cover technology has moved on a great deal over the last few years. No longer do you have to put up with a Small, Medium, or Large, or a nastly plastic tarpaulin from the DIY shop.

Covers now come made to measure, either instantly where a pattern for a specific vehicle has been made, then mass produced, or as a one off where a customer may require a specific colour combination or have a unique request or unusual, rare car.

Modern multi layered fabrics, such as those supplied by us here at means a cover can breathe and be waterproof at the same time. This is important especially to Soft Top owners such as Porshe Bosxters, Mazda MX5s, Honda S2000s or BMW Roadsters where the roof area can be a weak point.

Our Stormforce and Advan-Tex waterproof car covers are simply the best that money can buy no matter what style of car you drive, they offer peace of mind in terms of protection.

What about half covers though, they are in theory a good idea, but in practice are a nightmare waiting to happen. Infact keeping a half cover on your car is a feat in itself, and if the half cover doesnt end up blowing down the street, chances are the straps that run over the bodywork will rub and make a mess off your paintwork.

So top tip, avoid half covers at all costs, no matter what the hype or speel from sellers, they arent worth the money, go for a full cover every time.

The Car Cover Specialists @ Cover Your Car

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Tritech Bespoke Outdoor Motorcycle Covers

Having struggled in the past to find a material supplier of different and vivid colours for our motorcycle cover we think we have come up trumps with the now 2nd Generation improved Tritech Motorcycle covers, available in all the following colours or combinations of...

For more information or to order your next Custom Motorcycle Cover visit

Saturday 18 September 2010

Why your Audi R8 Needs a Cover

If you have an Audi R8 and want to protect it while outdoors, you need one of our outside fitted cover for it... why?

a) The Audi R8 is an afforadable supercar but extremely wide and not suitable to a standard garage so unless you have a double garage then it isnt going to fit inside.

b) A general fit X Large style general fit cover is not going to fit the R8 at all so this rules out most online or high street retailers.

c) On the later cars, Audi added extra vents to the engine bay to help cooling but water can sometimes get in causing a steam bath effect on starting the engine. Solution? fit one one our waterproof covers and stop any water getting in.

d) The Audi R8 is an icon and can be a target for any narrow minded yob. The cover, fitted with one of our car cover alarms can stop them in their tracks.

For more information our Audi R8 range of bespoke, made to order car covers click here

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Friday 10 September 2010

We are moving!

We have, this week, moved to new premises in Alexandra Business Park in St.Helens where we aim to grow the business even further.

Our aim is simple? Be THE best car cover company in the UK, offering great value quality products and unrivalled support to our tens of thousands of customers worldwide. We plan to expand into other niche markets and expand further into Europe.

Visit us soon at

Saturday 28 August 2010

Caring for Your Car Cover

To get the most out of your Coveryourcar Car Cover you will need to look after it, treat it well and it will protect your car for years. Here are some tips on how to best look after the cover so it will protect your car flawlessly.

1) When the cover is not is use, always keep it in a clean, dust free environment. If its damp allow it to dry, dont store it wet it will go mouldy if left wet for a long time scrunched up somewhere.

2) When putting the cover on or off the car keep it off the floor, you don't want it picking up dirt or dust off the floor. This also applies to cars in garages.

3) When putting the cover on, always start at the roof and fold down. Dont drag the cover over the car from front to back.

4) When removing the cover, dont pull it off in one go, fold it onto the roof, corner by corner, make sure the straps are removed totally before doing so.

5) Washing your cover - All our covers can be washed. The best way to wash a cover is at a low temperature with no deturgent and probably in a bath, NOT a washing machine. Lux Flakes are ideal as they contain to ingredients that will distroy and inner membrane.

6) Make sure your car is clean before you cover it. Any dirt on the car will end up on the inside of the cover and over time will get worse and worse. Use a Dust Particle Removing Wand to lift and fine particles after a sunny drive when you may think the car is clean but it isnt.

7) Keep the cover away from very hot exhausts, although most of the material we use is heat resistant it will brown over time if constantly placed against extremely hot surface.

8) Keep animals such as Cats, Foxes and Rodents away from the car cover, if they climb onto it or use it as a scratchpad then chances are it will rip or become damage. Using an Electronic Cat Deterrent such as Catwatch can help.

Hopefully follow these tips and your cover and car will perform brilliantly for many years.

The Car Cover Team at

Thursday 19 August 2010

Guanto Bespoke Outdoor Car Covers

Our new GUANTO Bespoke Car Covers for Outdoor or Indooor Use is a huge step forwards in terms of car cover fabric offering the same form fit, curve hugging shape as an indoor cover but outdoors.

The fabric is stretch and both breathable yet waterproof thanks to its hi-tech inner membrane with millions of micropores, small enough for vapour to pass through yet too small for a water droplet. Each cover is custom made to order and is available in either black or grey currently. We can also print onto this material. This material will be available to the public shortly, but expect to pay between £350 and £400 for one.

Friday 13 August 2010

Animal Pests, your family, home and car

This week we launch the first in a series of new micro sites, selling animal and critter deterrent products. We start with Foxes, animals that can be dangerous and often encroach into towns, cities, gardens, even peoples homes.

These products by Concept Research ( a UK manufacturer = rare thing these days ) come with a 2 year guarantee and on this site we also sell CatWatch, CatFree, Pest Controler, MoleWatch and PestFree.

Visit us today for peace of mind.

Friday 30 July 2010

Coveryourcar now on Facebook

This month we launch our new Facebook page where you will find lots of good stuff and an inside view on all things Coveryourcar. From Competitions, Videos, Our Cycle Team, Stuff we "Like", Special Offer Discount Codes and all the latest news and developments interms of fabrics and products coming onto the market from ourselves.

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Nissan GT-R Bespoke Outdoor Cover

Yes, the Nissan GT-R is a fantasic supercar and at £45K a lot of money but not for what you get or compair it to in terms of performance and technology in similar cars in this sector. We take great pride in providing bespoke car cover solutions for customers with high performance cars where the basic off the shelf cover just wont cut it. Our customers demand more from their car cover as they do from their car.

The GT-R has a distinctive low air splitter at the bottom of the bottom spoiler that needs to be covered, together with its large rear spoiler. So a custom advantex car cover is THE best solution if you want to cover your GT-R bar none!

As they say a picture says more than a thousand words...

To find out more about this cover for your GT-R click here

Wednesday 30 June 2010

Advantex Custom Outdoor Covers

Over the last 6 months we have experienced a large increase in the number of Advantex orders, from customers here in the UK and Overseas. These are the ultimate in made to measure outdoor covers, great in the cold, great in heat. We have made them for various cars, from Classic Minis to Audi R8s and have all cars covered. ( no pun intended ). The latest photos we have of an Advantex cover "in action" so to speak are from a French Aston Martin DB9 owner who was so overjoyed with the cover, he emailed us some photos. Judge for yourself with what you have seen elsewhere. These photos are of the cover straight out of the bag, no airbrushing, tweeking, etc.

Find out more about the amazing Advantex Material here

So if nothing but the best will do...give us a call on 0161 408 0040 or pop by our website.

Monday 21 June 2010

Keep Cat's Off Your Car or Car Cover

Do you have a problem with cats, who insist on sitting on your nice warm car once you park up for the evening? Scratching the paintwork in the process. Solution maybe to use a Car Cover, but even then some cats will not be put off. Some polyurathane covers can also puncture if the cat uses its claws to get onto the car.

With a nice soft car cover like our Stormforce range, cats have also been known to use it as a scratch pad. Pawing at it because its "fun"!!

The solution is to use a Cat Deterrent, either a Catwatch or Catfree product, available from us here at Coveryourcar. The device is battery powered ( with mains option ) and sits in the ground pointing at your car. Once activated by a cat ( and only a cat ) it produces an Ultrasound for 10 seconds, unaudible to the human ear and scares away the cat. Over time the cat learns not to go near the protected area and hey presto, no more cat problem.

The Car Cover Specialists at

Saturday 19 June 2010

Summer Sun and Voyager Car Covers

Our Voyager Range of Fitted and Tailored Car Covers are ideal for use over the summer, or in hot countries where sun can be a problem. Here in the UK temperatures rarely rise high enough to cause problems but in other countries, extreme UV can cause problems with paint fade and cause leather interiors to dry and crack.

Tree sap and bird fouling can also cause problems if left for any length of time. The sun will also compound the problems causing the acid to react and bake under the laquer of paintwork.

So well worth investing in a Voyager car cover for your car.

Blog Post : The Car Cover Specialists at

Sunday 30 May 2010

TOP 10 DONTS when buying a car cover

The internet is full of companies telling you how great their car covers are, a lot of it has shocked us in terms of how much "bull" there is and here we hope to give some REAL advice on what to avoid.

1) Lots of companies sell general fit covers. They come in a generic box with Small, Medium, Large etc printed on and usually a list of cars on the back that the cover will fit. If you thought you were buying a fitted car cover and one of these boxes arrives, send it back, or call and ask the company who supplied it to collect it.

2) Dont buy a Polyurathane cover if you are going to use the car indoors. Also dont buy one if you are going to use it in a hot climate. The material wont be upto the job. See also our recent Blog Checklist on what to look for when buying a cover for use in a  Hot Climate

3) Avoid covers that have no method of securing it to your car other than a couple of holes at the hemline and a piece of rope which you pass under the car and tie. The rope will create a friction point as it moves and mark your paintwork. Look for a cover with integrated straps and protective silicone boots or even better a hemline securing system which will take pressure off the strap to cover attachment point.

4) When fitting the cover Dont drag it along the floor or over the car. Start from the roof and fold down to each corner.

5) Always store the cover with the inside protected ( ie folding inwards ) and dont store it anywhere dusty, damp or dirty.

6) The inside of an outdoor cover shouldnt be soft and fluffy. You may initially think this is a good idea but it will attract and hold dirt, dust and moisture so over time, everytime you put the cover you risk scratching the car.

7) The inside SHOULD be a non woven material that wont hold moisture and dirt particles.

8) If its cheap, its cheap for a reason. Some of the worst covers we have seen are just sprayed with a waterproofing agent and are not waterproof at all. When it rains water pours through the cover, sometimes taking deposits of the agent with it which can leave marks on paint / soft top.

9) If you use your car daily, chances are if you cover it it will be dirty when you do so always clean it first.

10) Buy the best cover you can for the application required. If you use your car often and want to take it with you in the car go for something robust and light which compresses quite small. ( like our Voyager or Voyager PLUS) If your car is being stored outdoors long term, go for something a bit more heavy duty, ( like our Stormforce or Stormforce PLUS ) cover.

11) If you are looking to invest in a really good cover then go down the Custom Fit or Bespoke Route, these usually take weeks to produce and come in a variety of colours.  Like our Advan-Tex or Cielo Covers

12) If you are going to use your cover on the highway then you will need to display your number plates, this is the law.  You will also need to consider displaying a parking permit if this applies to you.  Taking this into account our Advan-Tex covers can come with window panels to display all these as an optional upgrade.

If in doubt give us a call on 01744 633985 or visit our website at

Saturday 29 May 2010

Car Cover ( Solar Battery Charger Compatible )

Soon we will be offering to customers, the option of a Solar Battery Power Charger Window in their Advantex Car Cover at the time of production. Using a Solar Battery Charger is an ideal was to keep your battery topped up, but you must choose the right one, there are lots of cheap solutions available to buy online which just arent upto the job. Our solution is a 4 Watt, foldable panel device that sits on the dash of your car, positioned next to the Car Cover Window. The device can either be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket or clipped directly to the battery under the bonnet with the wire threaded through the window.

Details of the recommended Solar Power Battery Charger can be found here

Sunday 16 May 2010

Stormforce Car Cover Review

If you are looking for an outdoor car cover that is fitted, breathable and waterproof then look no further than a Stormforce 4 Layer option from us here at Dont take our word for it though, make sure your read some of the many indpendent reviews that have been undertaken.

Here are a couple to start you off...

GT Purely Porsche Magazine - Stormforce Porsche 911 Review

The Minor Site - Stormforce Morris Traveller Review

The Car Cover Specialists

Sunday 9 May 2010

Tips on Choosing the right Car Cover

So you have a nice car, you like to look after it and keep it clean. This makes sense as its an investment and there is no better way to protect it than a good quality fitted car cover. Finding the right one however can be an easy as scooping air into a heap. A quick search of the internet will reveal a variety of websites selling car covers, all claiming to be the best.

So you are surfing the net looking for the right cover. Here are some tips on do's and donts to help you avoid disappointment.

a) Dont buy the cover because it seems cheap. If its cheap, its cheap for a reason.

b) Dont buy a cover because of a special free offer or giveaway item, its the cover that you wanted to buy not a freebie.

c) Ensure the cover is a specific fit for your car. Many websites we have visited ( some very reputable and selling supposed custom fit covers ) ask you for your make and model and even year of car, do a search, then come up with the phrase "Medium Cover", this will be a generic fit so be warned.

d) Make sure the cover has a guarantee, 2 year if possible

e) Make sure the seller is actually there, ring them up if you can, ask for advice and get a feel for the customer service / backup

Car Covers are used indoors or outdoors or both. Indoor Covers protect from dust, dents and dings. In a garage damp or moisture generally rises from the floor so it needs to be breathbale so as not to trap any moisture underneith. The very best indoor car covers are Soft, Fleece and Stretch and fit the car like a second Skin. Our Softech Indoor Covers and like this and can be made in custom colours.

Outdoor car covers protect your car against acid rain showers, harsh UV rays, cats, kids playing football, acidic bird droppings and dust and dirt, even sand. A light weighed breathable car cover can be used in this instance, like our Voyager Car Cover. Also ideal if taking with you in the car and space is limited. ie small boot.

For longer term outdoor storage, a Monsoon, Stormforce or Advantex cover should be used, these are Waterproof yet breathable and have a soft, brushed inner.

Our covers have advanced to the degree where they can be custom made to accomodate a single wing mirror, non removable aerial, parking permits, number plates, custom printing, alarmed and or locked.

Here is a list of our best selling car cover marques..
Car Covers for Aston Martin, Porsche, Jaguar, BMW and Mercedes

Once you have purchased your car cover you need to take care of it properly in order for it to take care of your car. Be careful where you put your car cover when not on the vehicle and make sure its not left on the floor and its dry before you store it. Here is a great video we found on cleaning your car cover...View Video

If in doubt visit us today at Coveryourcar, we are here to help and answer your questions.

The Car Cover Specialists.

Wednesday 5 May 2010

Registration Number on a Car Cover

We are now able to PRINT you vehicle's registration number onto your next bespoke custom ADVANTEX outdoor car cover, front and back, if required. We can also professionally add a window into the cover so that your tax disc or parking permit will show through the cover.

Be wary, most places offering the "Window" option in car covers sell it as a kit, so when your cover arrives with you, "YOU" have to cut the cover and apply the window, usually with glue. Make a mess of it and the cover is in the bin and there is no come back on the seller because you have made a mistake... dont say we didnt warn you.

The Car Cover Professionals @ Cover Your Car

Sunday 2 May 2010

Advantex - Colour Choice Bespoke outdoor car covers

You may have noticed we have recently started to roll out the new Advantex range of bespoke outdoor car covers on our website at Cover Your Car

So if you require a high quality fitted outdoor car cover in Black / Silver Grey / British Racing Green or Dark Blue then you are now able to buy one for your pride and joy online. There is also the option to have a Tax Disc or Parking Permit Window professionally fitted at time of production, in the location of your choice.

Click For more information on our Advantex Outdoor Car Covers

Wednesday 28 April 2010

New Generation of Outdoor Car Covers

We are pleased to introduce a brand new material to the UK for our "Guanti" range of fitted outdoor car covers. The material is Breathable, Waterproof AND Stretch and is a landmark in material technology, used only previously by the military.

Outdoor material by its nature was always non stretch and as such meant that covers never gave that same snug fit as soft fleece indoor covers. Well all that is about to change. The only draw back currently is the price as this material is very expensive and covers will retail for approx £400.

Watch this space for availability and further information.

Monday 19 April 2010

Deft Division Clothing UK

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Swellkicker UK who specialise in the latest Deft Division Urban Wear and Clothing from Australia.

Swellkicker are sponsoring the Cycle Team Rider of the month competition this year so our guys will be looking the part when not on the bike this summer.

To find out more about Deft Division Clothing Click Here

Ford Focus RS 500 Ltd Edition

We have sold quite a few bespoke car covers for the standard Ford Focus RS, to UK and overseas customers. With the launch of the New Limited Edition Ford Focus RS 500 ( All currently Sold in the UK ) we expect there to be a few more...

For more information click here

Car Cover Reviews

When looking for your next car cover quality and price are always going to be key. The best covers combine both together with a fit that is specific to the vehicle in question. That doesnt mean "Small", "Medium", or "Large", it means specific fit.

Here at we combine the best of both worlds, quality and fit at a price you can afford with thousands of specific patterns for specific vehicles.

a) Sahara Indoor Car Covers- A specific fittting indoor cover at a price you wont believe

b) Voyager Indoor/Outdoor Car Covers - An everyday use, lightweight fitted cover, compresses quite small and takes a lot of punishment on a daily basis.

c) Monsoon Outdoor Car Covers - Ideally for Winter use, waterproof and fitted and perfect for any car with a water getting inside issue. Not great in Extreme Heat like Spain or Australia.

d) Stormforce Outdoor Car Covers - Our 4 Layer waterproof and breathable fabric, again made to measure and amazing value for money, comes witha 2 year guarantee. Great in all temperatures.

e) Softech Indoor Car Covers - Our Soft fleece stretch covers for indoor use that fit like a second skin. Each on is made to measure and available in 11 colour combinations.

f) Advantex Outdoor Car Covers- If you need to cover something unusual outdoors or require a specific colour we can custom make you a one off. We casn even include a tax disc or parking permit window.

Whatever your car cover needs we have it covered at

Thursday 15 April 2010

Car Cover Security Locking Kit

Loop our lockable cable through your car cover’s grommets for ideal security. This security cable and padlock ( in silicone jacket) have been designed to be a non scratch deterrent to help prevent the theft of your car cover.

How To Fit : The cable fits underneith the car through the centre eyelets that are stitched onto the bottom hemline of the car cover at each side. Thread the chrome plated end through the eyelet from the outside surface of the car cover and pass it through the looped end of the cable. Pull the cable through and pass it under the car and through the inside of the eyelet on the other side of the car. Fit the non scratch silicone sleeve /jacket over the body of the padlock and then snap the lock closed through the chrome plated cable end of the cable.

Click here for more information or to buy your Car Cover Security Locking Kit online.

Friday 26 March 2010

Bespoke Motorhome Covers

We have extended our range of bespoke covers to now include camper van conversions and motorhomes. Each cover is made specifically to your measurements and as such fits perfecly. No need for lots of straps to take in the "extra" material. Each one is made with access via a door panel, and is located specifically where your door is. We also take into account antennas, racks etc.

Click here for information on our Bespoke Motorhome Covers

Monday 22 March 2010

Put Your Car In a Bag

The Car Pocket is now available via ourselves here in the UK at - Its ideally for indoor use and seals your car in a bag type cover. We have also used these outdoors to great effect and they are ideal for covering Tractors, Boats, Cars, even Trampolines. They come in one size currently and should be used in conjunction with a car cover inside if being placed over a car.

Find our more about the Car Pocket here

10,000 Car Cover Order

The success of goes from strength to strength in 2010 with the creation of our 10,000 car cover order recently. By anyone's standards that a lot of covers in just 2 years, especially fitted and tailored covers. These arent your usual one size fits all rubbish from the high street.

Our new Softech Range of Soft Fleece bespoke indoor car covers have been a great success with customers ordering from as far afield as Australia, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Montecarlo, Malta, France, Germany, Poland, Ireland and of course the UK.

We look forward to processing our 20,000 cover in a few years time and wish all our customers and their cars well.

The Team at

Sunday 14 March 2010

Race Retro 2010

A trip to Race Retro at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry on Saturday (13th March) by myself from did not dissappoint. The Rally Special circuit saw some classic cars from the slowly sideways organisation in action along with special invitation drivers.

Along with the Escorts, Mantas and Metros was the Alfa 147 from Howard Edwards @ Allitalia, a car valued at £5 million and we are proud to have supplied a bespoke Stormforce 4 Layer Car Cover for it.

Monday 8 February 2010

Why Sponsor A Cycle Team?

Quite often we are asked why we sponsor a cycle team rather than spend our advertising budget on printed media, adverts in magazines and the like. Well the answer is simple. Here at we like to think out of the box.

Pound for pound we get much more exposure and enjoy having a living breathing entity that promotes our website and our business. The riders are also on the road where the motorists are so are seen by hundreds each time they go out to ride. The team name and website is printed in all results magazines, start sheets, etc.

Also cycling is very "clicky", once a cyclist always a cyclist so they tend to be loyal and appreciate a company willing to put money back into a sport they love or have been involved with and as a result are more likely to buy from you.

British Cycling is on a high at the moment. What with the Golds at the Beijing Olympics and with the likes of SKY launching a UK based cycle team this year, led by Bradley Wiggins we want to share in that success in our own small way.

As the company grows we continue to look for alternative advertising media and solutions so if you have an idea that may not be the obvious... get in touch.

Greg Lunt
MD - 1st Portal Network Ltd

Thursday 28 January 2010

One of Our Favourite Quotes

The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
US poet (1807 - 1882)

Friday 8 January 2010

Cover Frozen to your Car?

With uk temperatures down to as low as -22 recently, here are some tips on using your car cover in these extreme conditions from us here at Coveryourcar.

1) Make sure your car is dry and free from moisture before fitting any cover. This can then freeze under the cover making it difficult to remove the cover without damaging it.

2) If you find your cover is frozen to your car, either use a hairdryer on a gentle heat to warm the frozen areas or some tepid water, poured over the outside of the cover. This will then enable you to remove the cover safely in one piece.

3) Our Stormforce car coversare amazingly tough, make sure when the cover it taken off the car it is left to dry somewhere. Dont store it wet or on the floor.

Good luck and take care out there from us all at

Wednesday 6 January 2010

The Snow and the right kind of Car Cover

Our 4 Layer Stormforce Car Covers are the perfect solution to the current snow and ice effecting motorists during the BIG FREEZE here in the UK at the moment. Many cheaper, generic fit covers can suffer under the weight of the Snow, causing them to rip, not ours. Our Stormforce covers come with a 2 year warranty and can stand upto even the coldest and frosty conditions.

A good fitting cover is important in these freezing conditions, especially snow, if it is to do the job of protecting your car successfully. Visit us at and protect your car from the snow and ice.

Dont let this happen to you! Use a Coveryourcar 4 Layer Fitted Car Cover!

Passionate about our Lancia

Here at we run a classic and rare Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1 and are always on the lookout for anything interesting to do with the car. We recently found this on Youtube just to give you an idea of what a modded integrale running high boost can do.

Monday 4 January 2010

Big Freeze hits the UK in January

The new year has brought freezing temperatures to the UK and chaos for motorists as a result as the drive to and from work becomes a nightmare. If there was ever a good time to buy a fitted car cover, now is it. A cover will keep your car free from ice and snow and save you from the early morning scrape.

Ice also can harm soft tops long term so covering it during these freezing times is a good idea. Always best to make sure your car is dry and not wet before covering it to prevent freezing. We have a great selection of products like blades and absorbers to help you get rid of the water first.

Visit us today and beat the Freeze at