Monday 8 February 2010

Why Sponsor A Cycle Team?

Quite often we are asked why we sponsor a cycle team rather than spend our advertising budget on printed media, adverts in magazines and the like. Well the answer is simple. Here at we like to think out of the box.

Pound for pound we get much more exposure and enjoy having a living breathing entity that promotes our website and our business. The riders are also on the road where the motorists are so are seen by hundreds each time they go out to ride. The team name and website is printed in all results magazines, start sheets, etc.

Also cycling is very "clicky", once a cyclist always a cyclist so they tend to be loyal and appreciate a company willing to put money back into a sport they love or have been involved with and as a result are more likely to buy from you.

British Cycling is on a high at the moment. What with the Golds at the Beijing Olympics and with the likes of SKY launching a UK based cycle team this year, led by Bradley Wiggins we want to share in that success in our own small way.

As the company grows we continue to look for alternative advertising media and solutions so if you have an idea that may not be the obvious... get in touch.

Greg Lunt
MD - 1st Portal Network Ltd