Saturday 2 January 2021

Car Crime on the Increase During Lock Down

Car Crime / Theft and How To Prevent It

We can all agree 2020 wasn't the best year; Lockdowns, social distancing, never-ending rules and to top it all off... Car theft is on the rise. Lockdown’s have turned drive- ways into window shopping opportunities for car thieves and Steve Barrett, head of Direct Line, has advised purchasing anti-theft equipment to protect your car (Robinson, J, Wright J). 65% of all vehicles are stolen from the owner’s address … and the figure rises to 71% for premium vehicles (Orry, J, 2020,) 

Car theft is also becoming a lot more high tech, with criminals purchasing devices that pick up signals from your car fob that tricks your car into believing the key fob is present. This  allows them to steal keyless cars in seconds… just by opening the doors. BMW’s, Mercedes and Range Rovers are all top of the list for targeting (Walne, T, 2020)

So… what can you do to protect your car(s)? (Orry, J, 2020)

  1. Lock Your Car!

This may be the most obvious method… but it’s easily forgotten. Car alarms can sometimes be missed, and it can be hard to hear if your alarm has even gone off! Make sure you double check your car is locked.  

  1. Security

Reasons why Adding one of our integrated Car Cover Alarms into a Car Cover is a Great Idea...

1) Many older classic cars can be devalued by adding an after market alarm which would involve drilling and making holes in the interior.

2) Works against Keyless Entry Theft.  Even if the thieves clone your Fob, or break in and steal your keys to unlock the car, the cover needs to be removed first and, as such the alarm will activate.

3) Lock Up Garages / Storage Facilities, again when your car is locked away, give your self an fighting chance against thieves so you dont one day, turn up at your garage and the door is open and car gone.

4) The Cover Itself will keep prying eyes away from potential targeting, especially if stolen to order.

5) Prevent someone peeking under the car, they certainly wont expect there to be an alarm, this element of surprise if what will work in your favour.

Old Skool Security Tech

Steering locks can be another effective way to deter criminal, however they aren’t thief-proof and can be easily broken. The Metropolitan police recommend other methods such as alarms and security devices. (Metropolitan Police, 2020), Handbrake Locks and Wheel Clamps.

  1. Move your keys

I know how easy it is to come home after a busy day and throw your keys into the abyss, leave them in a pocket, or hang them on the nearest peg. But Car Key Burglaries are very real. Thieves will break into a home primarily to steal the keys to a car. One of the best ways this can be avoided is hiding your keys. Take them upstairs, put them in a tin and away from any windows!  

A Faraday bag will also block a Keyless Fob from transmitting a poling signal to your car that can be intercepted and cloned by a third party.

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So if you are concerned about protecting your pride and joy from undesirables, give us a call on 01744 633985 and we can help certainly with a Cover with integrated alarm.   Here at Coveryourcar we are the only company offering such a solution.