Monday 19 September 2016

Classic Cars Prices and Protection

Like most people, here at Coveryourcar we own a classic car.  Purchased initially out love for the vehicle itself, not for any financial gain and purchased probably years ago for not much money.

But over recent years many classic cars have become very valuable, especially some cars from the 80s and 90s with prices sky rocketing and demand rising.

If you dont have a garage then a good quality fitted cover is the next best thing.  It will never be as good a garage but unless your garage is secure and on your property, leaving it to the mercy of thieves and vandals its the only answer.

A breathable cover will always let moisture through it, onto the car, as the heavy damp air passes through the fabric and hits a cold surface, it will condense on certain days.  Normally in the form of dew, or a fine mist layer all over the vehicle.  This does not mean the cover isn't waterproof. ( ie when it rains ) - This normally occurs early morning or late evening.

As the temperature during the day rises this mist layer will vent off through the breathable fabric leaving the car dry.  The only way to stop this is to use a non breathable fabric so the air cant pass through it, such as a plastic sheet, BUT any moisture rising from the ground will get trapped under the plastic and the car will sweat as the moisture cant escape.  SO ALWAYS GO FOR A BREATHABLE COVER!

So when looking at the benefits of keeping your pride and joy on your property and under your watchful eye, under a quality car cover, as opposed to in a lock up garage, away and at the mercy of thieves and vandals...we would choose the first option.

The Coveryourcar Team