Thursday 1 December 2011

Alfa Romeo Guanto Indoor / Outdoor Bespoke Car Cover

Looking for a Soft, Stretch Outdoor Car Cover for your Alfa Romeo? The look no further than our new Guanto ( Italian For Glove ) Range of bespoke, made to measure covers.They fit so well, they actually look like a formfit indoor cover and as they are breathable they can of course be used indoors.

Available in Black or Grey with a choice of 10 stitching colours so far they have been in high demand. So much so we actually ran out of the fabric during October.But now its back and at its best. We can even custom print on the cover should you require it.

An example below can be seen on an amazing and very rare Alfa Romeo SZ in Grey.

For more information and examples visit us today at

Wednesday 2 November 2011

The Chosen One!

We are so please to have be chosen as this weeks .tel site of the week from millions of .tel domain names. The award is given out by the Registrar themselves which makes it even more amazing. Read more about here

Thursday 20 October 2011

St Helens Classic Car Club / Association

We have recently joined our local St Helens Classic Car Club / Association with our Lancia Delta Integrale Evolution as our offering.

The St Helens Classic Car Club / Association was formed in 2001 with the first car run starting at the Lea Green Train Station car park. It went from there to the Stork pub in Billinge for a coffee stop and then back to the Micklehead pub to finish where all the participants got a plaque on the day. A run which will be repeated this year sometime in late December.

The car club welcomes all cars of any age and all they insist on is that you care a lot about cars in general. The membership at the moment is running at 40.

They visit car shows throughout the year, some are club stands which are booked by the members of the Board and they also have other events such as drive out days ,family fun days etc.

The club meets every 3rd Thursday of the month at 19:30 at the Bull And Dog Pub on Clockface Rd, Clockface by the Lea Green Station .

If you have an interest in cars come and join us! or Visit the St Helens Classic Car Club / Association Website Today

Monday 3 October 2011

Battery Hydro Energy Drink - Coveryourcar Awarded Authorised Dealership

We are pleased to announce that this week, have been awarded one of the very first UK dealerships for Battery Energy Drink.

Our Cycle Team will be promoting the brand during events and races throughout the UK over 2012, in particular the unique Battery Hydro product, which is available to buy online right now here at

Like other Battery energy drinks, Battery Hydro works when refreshment is needed, but its properties enable it to also be used in connection with sports activities / physical activation. Battery Hydro has been developed for people with active lifestyles, to keep them going whatever they want or need to do. Hydro is a mid-calorie energy drink with 15 kcal/100 ml, as sweeteners, sugar and fructose. Beginning from mid-March 2011 the new lightly carbonated, refreshing lemon-flavoured drink will be sold in distinctive 0,33l can.

Like other energy drinks, Battery Hydro should not be consumed before bedtime. The drink is also not meant for children, expectant mothers, or persons sensitive to caffeine. The recommended maximum daily consumption is 2 bottles or 3 cans, depending on the market.

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Possibly The Best Outdoor Car Cover for your Focus RS

With an ever increasing amount of interest in our new Guanto ( Italian for Glove ) outdoor car cover fabric we are getting lots of good feedback from customers who are only too happy to send in photos and even videos of their pride and joy, tucked up safely in their new cover.

We just had to share this latest video of a Ford Focus RS MK 2 Guanto Cover in Action.

Available Exclusively from Cover Your Car

Sunday 1 May 2011

Too Many Layers Car be a Bad Thing.

Its temping when buying an outdoor car cover to assume that the more layers the cover has the better it is.

Modern fabrics such as our Stormforce, Advan-Tex or Guanto materials have a sandwich type construction, enabling the cover to breath yet be waterproof and offer great protection from the elements.

After many years of evaluating and testing fabrics, we came to the conclusion that depending on the materials used in its construction, 3 or 4 layers were best. They offered protection from the elements, were gentle on your car yet remained breathable.

Once a cover has 5 or more layers it becomes less breathable and more likely to trap moisture inside.

To Find out more about our Layered Car Covers visit our website at today.

Sunday 13 March 2011

Cars on the Coast

Bird muck on your car is never good for its paint and laquer, but Seagulls can be real problem if you live on the coast, especially if their diet is particularly acidic. This can be caused by them eating a certaint type of shell fish or similar at any given time.

Add into the mix the car being left for a week or so in the height of summer over the holiday period and this makes fitting a car cover essential. One than can be easily cleaned and is non absorbant.

Visit today for your Seagull resistant Car Cover!

Wednesday 23 February 2011

2011 Cycle Racing Season Kicks off for Team

This weekend sees the start of the UK Cycle Racing Season for our Cycle Team. Paul Shallicker, John Gibson and Warren Gell are competing in the Rossendale Hilly 10.3 Hilly TT on Saturday 26th Feb, where we stand a decent chance of picking up the Team Prize and possibly a win.

Josh Ferguson rides the Clayton Velo Spring Classic on Sunday, an epic early season opener that sees Josh riding for the first time on the road in our colours.

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The Car Cover Specialists.

Friday 14 January 2011

Bespoke Cycle Covers

OK so you are into your cycling and you have a nice and very expensive race bike that's your pride and joy. Way to expensive to leave in a shed or garage so it sits pride of place in your living room or bedroom or hallway.

Its probably state of the art and made from Carbon Fibre ( They all are these days ) and one day, the sun is shining, life is good, you reach for your steed and shock horror there is a chip, scratch or worse on the frame.

Someone has simply caught it with the hoover, bag or similar and its potentially ruined as with carbon fibre a chip can soon become a crack.

The answer is one of our new bespoke soft, fleece, tailored made indoor race bike covers. Made from the same Softech, non scratch, fleece material we use for Performance Supercars they will protect your bike from dings, scratched, dust, hair ( in the chain ) and worse.

Available in the colours of your club or team, they are available to buy online from Coveryourcar here.

So protect your investment today and dont chance it!

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Choosing an outdoor car cover...

When choosing an outdoor car cover here are the top dos and donts from the Car Cover Specialists at Cover Your Car

DO... Make sure the car cover fits the car well, preferably with mirror pockets.
DO... If your car is parked on the road you will need a tax disc window.
DO... Make sure the cover is breathable and comes with a 2 year guarantee.
DO... Ensure the cover is elasticated and has underbody straps.
DO... Buy a cover with a non woven inner.
DO... Buy from a reputable company.
DO... Buy a washable cover and wash it in a bath at a low temp with lux flakes.

DONT. Buy a cover with a fleecy inner lining, it will hold dirt particles.
DONT. Buy a general fit, small, medium or large cover.
DONT. Buy a US Cover, check warranty isnt return to base at your expense.
DONT. Buy a cover with 2 grommets and a piece of under body fixing string.
DONT. Buy as an auction as you are not covered under the same rights as a Buy it Now
DONT. Wash the cover using deturgent in a washing machine.

Hope these little tips help you in your next Outdoor Car Cover purchase.

The Car Cover Experts at