Tuesday 23 November 2010

Car Covers - Where are they now?

Car cover technology has moved on a great deal over the last few years. No longer do you have to put up with a Small, Medium, or Large, or a nastly plastic tarpaulin from the DIY shop.

Covers now come made to measure, either instantly where a pattern for a specific vehicle has been made, then mass produced, or as a one off where a customer may require a specific colour combination or have a unique request or unusual, rare car.

Modern multi layered fabrics, such as those supplied by us here at means a cover can breathe and be waterproof at the same time. This is important especially to Soft Top owners such as Porshe Bosxters, Mazda MX5s, Honda S2000s or BMW Roadsters where the roof area can be a weak point.

Our Stormforce and Advan-Tex waterproof car covers are simply the best that money can buy no matter what style of car you drive, they offer peace of mind in terms of protection.

What about half covers though, they are in theory a good idea, but in practice are a nightmare waiting to happen. Infact keeping a half cover on your car is a feat in itself, and if the half cover doesnt end up blowing down the street, chances are the straps that run over the bodywork will rub and make a mess off your paintwork.

So top tip, avoid half covers at all costs, no matter what the hype or speel from sellers, they arent worth the money, go for a full cover every time.

The Car Cover Specialists @ Cover Your Car