Sunday 28 December 2008

Half Top Covers - Good or Bad?

We quite often receive calls from customers asking about Half Top Covers, normally from people with soft tops. We dont sell Half Top covers and there is a very good reason for it. Many people think they are easier and quicker to fit than complete covers, which they arent, due to the number of straps involved.
These straps to attach the Half Top to the car and usually run over the bodywork. This is a BAD idea.
a) Any straps that run over paintwork will scratch in time as they are abrasive.
b) Any serious amount of wind will cause the Half top to lift like a parachute as the wind gets under it, which defeats the object of putting something on the soft top.
c) Some are not soft top safe as waterproofing agent seeps through cover into soft top which can cause marks which are hard to remove.
Anyone seriously thinking about buying one of these should ask the right questions first. The above opinions and information are based on our experiences.

Wednesday 17 December 2008

Car Cover Alarm

Our best kept secret is now available to buy online. We have developed a Car Cover Alarm which can be added to any new Stormforce or Sahara Car Cover via ourselves at

An alarm sits inside the cover in a specially developed pocket and activates when the cover is removed by any undesireables.

The Cover can be used with or without the alarm active or installed; Alarm Car Be Fitted to Stormforce or Sahara Car Covers on purchase; Cover can be used with or without the alarm system; Protects your cover and your car; Adds a few extra days to delivery as the pocket has to be machined in ; No need for locking kit and padlock; Cant be fitted to Voyager or Monsoon

The Alarm feature can also be fitted to Sahara Car Covers incase you need added protection if your car is stored in a lockup away from home. Full Video and Picture Gallery Walkthrough coming soon. Price is £25 inc vat and includes the alarm and machining time for pocket.

Wednesday 10 December 2008

Did you know...

As well as selling fitted and tailored car covers we also have two other websites that reflect the other sides to our business. is a specialist website for motorcycle and scooter covers. The idea being you simply select your bike from a list of manufacturers and models and we supply the perfect fitting cover. No need for measuring or taking a chance on it fitting.

The replacement car carpet side of the business has been growing quickly with orders arriving every day now, from all over the world, as far away as Australia. In most cases we use the original pattern design to replicate a perfect duplicate replacement carpet set for your classic.

As cars from the 80s and 90s become classics in their own right now we are finding more and more people are looking to restore these vehicles and carpet sets are often no longer available.
We can offer a cut and stitched equivalent sets in black or colour for many of these cars now, from Escorts to Lancias to TVRs and more...