Saturday 1 August 2015

Stormforce PLUS : The Benefits Over Standard

Our new and improved Stormforce and Voyager PLUS upgraded car covers have been well received and are currently selling better than we ever imagined.  Approximately every one in 4 covers we sell at the moment is a PLUS Version.

Stormforce PLUS Car Covers

So why Upgrade?  We have outlined some of the benefits below.

1) PEACE OF MIND : If leaving the car stored unattended for longer periods, there is nothing worse than returning seeing the cover half off the car, or worse case not there at all due to high winds. The PLUS gives you that piece of mind that it will remain in on the car, even in the worst gales.

2) QUICK ON & OFF : No need to attach the under body straps if being stored short term, just set the tension on the underskirt, pop on and off without groveling on the floor with clips and attachments

3) BETTER FIT : Because the tension is under the car and spread evenly around the entire hem rather than just 4 x strap sew points the fit is better than the standard version of the cover. The Cover is also less likely to move about in gusts due to the extra tension being applied.

4) WARRANTY : Your Warranty still applies and covers the PLUS upgrade should the cover fail for some reason. 1 Year on Voyager PLUS and 2 Years on Stormforce PLUS with an after purchase option to enhance the Warranty even further should you wish.

5) OVER STRAP KIT : Included with every PLUS Cover, this gives you the option of using these long over straps should you wish to add extra protection in gales and bad weather, as well as the existing under straps and the PLUS tension hem.

So when buying your next cover or if simply upgrading, take time to look at the PLUS Upgrade, exclusive to us here at Coveryourcar, the first company EVER to sell a Stormforce Cover, 10 years ago, which means we feel we know more about this product than most "pop up" working from home or here today, gone tomorrow ebay sellers.

The Coveryourcar Team -