Saturday, 28 December 2019

Top Tips when buying a Car Cover Online.

Just a few pointers when looking to buy covers online...
A) Any company that sells you a cover on the basis that super fast delivery as the main selling point rather than the quality of fit and product, clearly shouldn't be selling covers.
B) Any company with no land / earth address has something to hide. Especially those claiming to be UK companies, but are registered in the USA or elsewhere overseas. We know of several.
C) A good cover should last years so waiting a few weeks for a custom made one to arrive should be compared with the life of the quality product you are buying cheap and getting quick. Not to mention the damage it could cause to your pride and joy.
D) Charging customers a re-stocking fee for returns, hidden deep in the T&Cs was outlawed years ago under an EU directive so should not still be happening.
E) Any company displaying lots of Glowing Reviews on their website that are clearly doctored, when third party reviews of the same company like Yell, Google or Trustpilot are terrible.
F) Any company claiming to be the UK biggest supplier, largest stockist is clearly lying.

We could go on and on but will leave it there for now.

Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone.

The Coveryourcar Team.

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Toyota C-HR Cielo Custom Fit Car Cover Now Available to Buy

Our long awaited custom fit pattern for the new Toyota C-HR is now ready.  We took a C-HR and the cover down to local team rooms in Rufford to photograph and get some feedback from visitors.

The cover fitted the car beautifully as expected, inch perfect, and the pocket on the roof for the shark fin antenna was spot on and always a nice touch as this is the point a normal, generic fit cover will wear and eventually tear over time.

The fit at the rear was a particularly nice and as this car has a rear spoiler fitted, it was important to get that right from the start.

Feedback from the locals and visitors to the tea rooms was all positive.  We even took some orders on the day for a couple of other cars.  Being British designed and manufactured also went down well a in this day and age where so much is mass produced overseas.

So if you would like to know more, simply get in touch or click here for more information on the C-HR Cover shown in this blog post..

The Car Cover Team at

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Why Soft Inner Linings are Bad News Outdoors

Here at Coveryourcar we are constantly asked by customers, "Do your outdoor car covers have a soft inner lining?, the thinking being soft inner lining will be gentle on paint and not scratch it.

But when it comes to inner linings on outdoor car covers, Soft, is bad. Why?  Because anything soft will....

a) Attract and Hold micro dirt particles, small enough so you cant see them but large enough to mark a car over time and become impossible to remove completely.

b) Any damp and heavy air passing through the breathable fabric which would normally just settle on the car, then vent away once the temperature rises will in fact end up making the soft lining wet.  And it will stay wet.  Imagine a Wet sweatshirt made from fleecy material hanging on a washing line, once its wet, it will take days to dry out completely, if at all.

c) A Soft inner will inhibit the covers ability to breathe, especially if it has a Polyurathane outer.  We have seen these type of covers with thick fleecy inners cause problems over the last 15 years which is why we dont sell them.

So, ideally the inner needs to be non woven, brushed or smooth and not fleecy in any way so dirt cant cling to it.

More importantly the fit of an outdoor cover needs to be extremely good, especially when the weather is bad. . Always go custom fit if you can.

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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Stormforce Plus Extra Deep Car Covers for Land Rovers, Jeeps and 4x4s

After many months of testing, altering and improving our various prototypes of our new Stormforce Plus, Extra Deep, they are now available to purchase via our website and ebay store.

We looked carefully at 4x4s and in general vehicles that sit high above the ground. These vehicles always cause you a dilemma because you can cover the bodywork but conventional covers always tend to leave the wheels exposed and a huge area under the car where air can funnel and cause issues.

So having already sought to improve the ever popular Stormforce Cover, which we started to sell and where in fact the first company ever to sell this cover back in 2005, we decided to look at the 4x4 issue and seek to improve the conventional cover by enhancing the tension hemline skirt, making it deeper.

So this enhanced, deeper hemline skirt means you can now apply two types on tension to the cover on a 4x4, the conventional elasticated hem with under straps and the extra 360 degree bungee cord with runs through the skirt.   Great for longer term storage and peace of mind.

Add in that we also include a set of extra long, interconnecting over straps as standard and we feel you have one one the best cover solutions on the market for your 4x4.

Each ones comes with a 2 year comprehensive guarantee, XL Upgraded and bigger storage bag with extra options for Security Locking Kit and Car Cover Alarm to protect your investment.

Contact us for further information or advice and we will be happy to assist.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Best Advice on Buying a Car Cover - Cover Your Car

In this post we will give you the low down and the top tips on buying a car cover and how it can protect your investment and save you thousands of pounds in the long term from damage caused by weather, tree sap, criminals, yobs, pets, animals even kids with bikes.

Your car is your pride and joy and you are looking to protect it but aren't sure a cover is the best solution.  In some instances it may not be the best solution...

Some basic advice on buying a car cover
  • Start by asking yourself.  How often do I use my car?  If its every day and you don't have time to clean your car each time you want to fit the cover, then probably a cover is not a good idea.  Practically you aren't going to have time to wash, clean, dry your car after a hard day at work, or if its dark for example.  In our experience the right cover wont scratch a car, but dirt, trapped between the cover and car may, so only cover your car when its clean.
  • So you've decided a cover is for you.  Where and what to buy?  OK so always buy the best cover you can.  These will be priced accordingly as covers come in 3 distinct variations
  • 1) Generic fit - Usually cheap, not a good fit, hatch back shape, saloon shape, usually no mirror pockets.
  • 2) Semi Fitted - Usually Sat On a Shelf, Mass produced. Chances are if you can get a cover in a 24 hrs its not fully tailored, its semi fitted.  ( although we do stock some bespoke fit covers). Companies boasting "Large Stocks" basically mean the covers are already been mass produced, usually overseas, maybe even branded up as something else and more expensive, available from multiple suppliers and designed to fit the shape of a car rather than the specific car.
  • 3) Bespoke, Custom Fit - Normally these take weeks to make but you know the cover will fit inch perfect, made to a pattern taken from the actual make, model and year of vehicle. Always the best solution.
  • When purchasing, do some research from the company you are buying from. Are they UK based?, how long have they been in business?, what is the support, guarantee like on the product?   Look also for photos of the cover you are buying if possible fitted to the car you have.
  • Example shown below is a Bespoke made, custom fit Cielo Cover for a Subaru WRX 2017 Saloon,  Fully tailored over the various spoilers, even comes with a pocket for the shark fin antenna on the roof where a normal, generic or semi fitted cover would wear through.

So now you are looking to buy a cover, either for indoor or outdoor use or both, what are your options?

You should initially take into consideration the environment in which the car and cover is going to sit.  If its outside in summer or in a hot climate then you want something reflective.  If its in a nice warm garage then something fleecy and shape hugging may be what you want.  If its going to be used in the depths of Winter then something heavy duty, waterproof and breathable will be needed.


More and more customers are covering their cars now for security reasons.   With the huge rise in prices on classic cars now and the ability to easily drive away a key less modern car, old skool tech is back!   Covering your car up so its out of site from passers by, opportunists, google maps and the like is a good idea.   Fitting an integrated alarm to the cover is also a good idea,  this will warn you if it's removed from the car and scare off anyone close by.  It will certainly wake you up before anyone even gets to the car itself.

Locking kits are also a good idea, but the alarm is better. 

One of our Soft, Bespoke Indoor Fleece on this Rolly Royce Dawn 
parked underground in Belgium

Having been in the industry for 15 years, we have seen it all and feel we are best to give advice where and when it matters.  This blog is an honest and factual and not designed purely to make you buy a cover.  If you need any help, contact us

Storing Your Car in a Car Park

This month we talk about covering your car in a car park and the best, safest solution.   This may be an under ground parking at your apartment or flat, or longer term parking at an airport or place of work for example.

a) Warm, Dry Undergound Parking.  

Basically you could use any type of indoor or outdoor breathable cover here, but if security is also your issue, you will want to think about preventing someone from taking your nice cover or worst case messing with your car.   Ideally something lockable, with an alarm or preferably 360 degree tension skirt.   Normally these kind of communal garages create lots of dust, blown up into the air from the floor by other people starting up their cars.   Ideally something like an Alarmed Voyager PLUS Cover from us would be the best solution.  if its totally secure then maybe a nice custom fleece cover would be great way to protect the car as well as impress your fellow neighbours.
( Photo Rolls Royce Dawn parked underground in Belgium under one of our fleece car covers )

Alternatively one of our Two Tone custom fit Cielo Covers would also work well. These can be alarmed and locked and come with 4 x under body straps for a better, more secure fit.
( Photo Maserati Gran Turismo Parked Underground under a Cielo Car Cover. )

b) Outdoor Car Park, say at work or airport.

Again something lockable or alarmed but maybe more heavy duty, possibly with over straps just incase the weather turns really bad while you are away.  Our PLUS covers feature a 360 degree hemline tension skirt than can be tied extremely tightly so no one can lift up the cover and peek or damage the car.   Alternatively one of our Two Tone custom fit Cielo Cover would work well. These can be alarmed and locked and come with 4 x under body straps for a better, more secure fit.

Should you need any advice on how to best cover your car in a car park, indoor or outside, call us on 01744 633985 for free, no obligation, advice and assistance or visit us at

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Cover or Store - That Time Of Year

All Your Car Cover Options for the Winter Ahead.

As summer draws to an end and the darker, colder, damper nights draw in, this is the time of year most with classic cars look at options for their pride and joy for the next 6 months.

If you are lucky enough to have a nice dry garage then you may be thinking about a nice indoor, curve hugging fleece cover but otherwise outdoor cover options are probably on your mind.

Your car, new or old will probably fall into one of the following topics.

a) Daily Drive Car : Cover going to be used for security during the darker nights ahead, and for those frosty early morning darts when the windscreen and car is iced up.   Covers may sound like a good idea here but if your car is covered in dirt and grime and possibly rock salt then the last thing you will want to do after arriving home in the dark is wash it before covering it up, so probably not a good idea.

Custom Indoor Fleece Car Cover ( Ford Bosworth RS 500 )
b) Car Stored in a Dry Garage : If you are lucky enough to have a nice dry garage then a nice fitted indoor fleece car cover will protect the car from dirt and dust and those accidental dings when brushing past the car.  Ours are custom made to order, fit perfectly and are supplied to various official manufacturers.  They come in a choice of almost any colour combination and have a soft, fleecy inner lining.

c) Car Stored in a Lockup or Damp Garage : If this is where your car is stored you need to think about security more than anything.  With anti social behaviour and thefts currently at an all time high, your car being vandalised out of spite is a reality you probably don't want to think about.  If the lockup garage is damp and the roof is metal then you will need to use an outdoor cover, breathable probably with one of our built in cover alarms you give you a fighting chance against thieves or vandals.   Always cover the floor with plastic sheeting, this will stop damp rising.  If the roof it metal then probably condensation will form on the inside at some point and drip onto the car.  Something like a Wheel Clamp and Disklok also worth considering.

Range Rover Sport Custom Outdoor Car Coverd) Car Stored on Driveway Outside : Always go for the best option you can afford.  Avoid lightweight, generic fit covers, they wont fit well and during high winds or gales will cause issues flapping against paintwork or blowing off the car and causing damage.  Fit is everything, and during the depths of winter, freezing temperatures, only a multi layered, quality fitted cover will do.  Its normal to get moisture under a cover during certain damp days as dap, heavy air passes through the fabric, hits the cold metal car and condenses.    Ideally park it where the sun can get to it, this will went away any moisture.  With the number of modern cars now being stolen to order and just dis armed and driven away by thieves with sniffer devices, a car cover alarm will give you the warning you need while you sleep before thieves even begin to start to tamper with the car.  Always take your keys upstairs at night and use a faraday bag to block any polling signal to the car that may be intercepted.

e) Car Stored Outside on The Highway : Again, always go for the best solution,  It is illegal to park a covered car on the highway as a) your numberplates are hidden ( now used to check tax status etc by NNPR ) and also your reflectors are covered.   Use a cover with Window Panels for the Numberplates and fit reflective stickers to the cover is required.  Your rear numberplates should be reflective so visible through the various front and rear windows.   Our Advan-Tex car covers are available with this option as well as a panel for a parking permit, which again can become an issue.

Ferrari Custom Outdoor Car Cover with Numberplate Windows and Parking Permit Window

f) Car Stored in Storage Facility : If you make the decision to put your car in storage over winter, then depending on the quality of the facility, either a fleece cover ( if the facility is totally dry and not damp ) or a lightweight indoor / outdoor cover would be the best solution.  The fit is not as important if its indoors as it wont be open to the elements but security may be.   Fitting a locking cable and underbody straps will stop people from looking under it,  even the Car Cover Alarm option is worth considering but inform the owners its there and in effect before hand.  Make sure you get the postcode of the facility the car is being stored and check it with your insurance company you are still covered as some will not honour any agreed values if stored on commercial properties or worst case cover you at all if the postcode is high risk.

Car Cover Alarmg) Car Stored in Underground Parking : This is going to be some kind of communal parking area, ideally a thick, heavy duty cover should be used to prevent scuffs and dings from other car owners and if worried about security fit a car cover alarm and security locking kit.

h) Car Stored Overseas in a Hot Climate : If your car is outdoors overseas in a hot climate, and doesnt have to cope with the bad weather and winter ahead then UV will be the main issue as well as peace of mind the cover will stay on the car if being left unattended for months on end.  Using one of our PLUS covers will do the job,  with a unique 360 degree hemline tension skirt, not only do you have the straps to keep the cover on the car, you also have complete tension around the entire under belly of the car.  Add one of our alarms for complete peace of mind.

We think we have covered most of the various options, different car cover solutions for different situations ahead over winter.  Even if you have a new car on PCP or Leave contract, its worth protecting it as no doubt there will be a penalty clause in the contact if there is damage to the car after the term.

Call us on 01744 633985 for any advise you may need in selecting the perfect cover for your situation or visit our website at

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