Friday 30 October 2009

Classic Mini carpets

Here at we now not only sell fitted classic mini car covers, we also sell replacement carpet sets for MK2 classic minis onwards. These are based on the original pattern, in a high quality black or colours with heels pads and binding as standard.

Prices start at just £65 and we ship worldwide. We also supply specialist over mats for minis and are expanding our range of accessories shortly.

Saturday 24 October 2009

Pearl Car Care Products

Having become an official Peal Car Care distributor last year we now have stock of all the very latest offerings, including some amazing new products that are kind on the enviromment and your car. Visit us today and take a gander!

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Worrying New Trend

Here at we used to get the odd customer calling, asking which cover was best to help stop paint stripper being sprayed onto their car. We did some testing and basically we recommended a 100% waterproof cover ( our Monsoon Car Cover ) as most if not all of the paint stripper ran off the cover. This is particularly useful in a drive by event where stripper is sprayed from a moving vehicle.

Believe me this goes on more than you would think. The cover wasnt in a particulary good state after the event but it did work. Nowadays we get about 1 call a week so this is an ever increasing problem of mindless vandalism.

Sunday 18 October 2009

General Fit Car Covers

Dont be confused with General Fit Covers and certain internet websites.

Some websites we have seen on the net now give the impression that are selling custom fitted and tailored car covers, but they arent! Just because their website is broken down into categories showing different manufacturers and specific vehicles doesnt mean covers are made specifically for that vehicle. It just means these makes and models will go into 1 of possible 5 different sizes, and not very well at that. If in doubt, ask how many individual patterns they have. 9 times out of 10 they will have small, medium, large, 4x4. That's if you get an honest answer.

Here at we have one of the largest car cover inventories in the UK.

As an example we have 3 different patterns JUST for the Mazda MX5, depending on its age ( mk1, mk2, mk3 ) and also 3 different VW Beetle Cover patterns, again depending on age.

Car Covers is all we do!

Sunday 11 October 2009

Stormforce Car Cover Integrated Alarm

Protect your car cover from being stolen and protect your car at the same time. Alarm activates when cover is removed by thief or vandal BEFORE he even gets to your car! ONLY available from us here at WWW.COVERYOURCAR.CO.UK

This is particularly useful if you have a classic car and dont want to fit an alarm to the car because it will de value the car. No need to drill holes, fit sensors, fit sirens.

Friday 9 October 2009

Cats and Cars

Its starting to get cold out there at night and as a result, cats are on the prowl looking for nice warm cars to perch on. So your car is a potential victim of scratching and clawing, especially if its a soft top. First thing you will know about it is when thin swirl like scratches appear on the bonnet or roof or bumper. Cats will dig their claws into your car to prevent sliding off. The solution is to use a Voyager Car Cover from us here at CoverYourCar

Why? Because...

a) Cats hate the material and tend to avoid it, thus staying away.
b) The Material is triple layer cross weave type and wont puncture.
c) Cats find it difficult to get their claws through the material.

So protect your car from cats today with a Voyager Car Cover from us here at

Friday 2 October 2009

Towels and Blankets? NO NO NO!

Had a call today from a customer who apparently had been told by one of the major high street auto retailers to put blankets or even towels on his car before he fitted the cover they sold to stop the cover scratching his car or damaging his soft top. This is wrong in so many ways...

a) If the cover marks the car its obviously a poor fitting cover ( general fit as per most general motor stores ) or its a poor quality with poor quality inner.

b) Anything like this placed on the car under a car cover will become damp and hold moisture against the paint which is not good for your car.

Either way this is bad advise and what you can expect from retailers who dont know anything about car covers, other than they hope to cover their backs because they have been told to do so by "the management". Please people, spend some decent money, buy a decent cover and dont listen to any bull.