Sunday 18 October 2009

General Fit Car Covers

Dont be confused with General Fit Covers and certain internet websites.

Some websites we have seen on the net now give the impression that are selling custom fitted and tailored car covers, but they arent! Just because their website is broken down into categories showing different manufacturers and specific vehicles doesnt mean covers are made specifically for that vehicle. It just means these makes and models will go into 1 of possible 5 different sizes, and not very well at that. If in doubt, ask how many individual patterns they have. 9 times out of 10 they will have small, medium, large, 4x4. That's if you get an honest answer.

Here at we have one of the largest car cover inventories in the UK.

As an example we have 3 different patterns JUST for the Mazda MX5, depending on its age ( mk1, mk2, mk3 ) and also 3 different VW Beetle Cover patterns, again depending on age.

Car Covers is all we do!