Monday 14 December 2015

Car Cover New Developments for 2016

As one of the Market Leaders in the industry and one of the UKs longest established Car Cover Companies there are lots of new developments on the way for 2016 for our customers.  These include...

A) Our Cielo Outdoor 2 Tone Covers are custom made to order, bespoke and fit like a glove.  These will be rolled out in full in 2016 so will be available for all Vehicles, not just a select few as feedback has been so good.  A great fit at a great price.

B) We are introducing a Softech Light, Indoor Custom Cover, as supplied officially to the likes of Audi and Bentley, less heavy than a fleece but just as effective and much cheaper.

C) We have been amazed how well our customers have received the new Stormforce PLUS and Voyager PLUS covers this year so plan to reduce the waiting time on Upgrade Production by stocking the most popular patterns.  If you are having issues keeping your current cover on your car when it's Stormy then you need to look at what the PLUS offers.  2 Year guarantee as usual & piece of mind factor thrown in.

D) Stripes - If Stripes are something you want on your fleece cover then we can oblige from 2016 - Single or Double in any colour.

May we take this opportunity to wish all our customers a Happy Christmas and Great New Year!

The Team @ Coveryourcar


Thursday 3 December 2015

Car Cover Christmas Update

Having experienced one of our busiest Decembers ever we have announced the cut off date for Christmas on Voyager PLUS and Stormforce PLUS covers which are proving extremely popular will be the Wednesday 16th December.

All other standard, Sahara, Monsoon, Voyager and Stormforce covers will be dispatched right upto the 23rd December.

We wish all our customers past, present and future a very Merry Christmas.

Saturday 31 October 2015

Cielo / Sky Shade Car Covers

Our new Cielo or Sky Shade as they will be known in future are a unique two tone colour for a reason.  The Sky facing panels are Light Grey because this colour fabric resists UV and Sunlight the best, were the Dark Side Panels add contrast and show the dirt less from grime thrown up by passing vehicles and the like.

The roll out continues on Coveryourcar with new patterns being added every week.  These are custom made, bespoke covers for the price of a semi tailored equivalent. 

They are made to order here in the UK and currently take 4 weeks to produce and deliver due to the volumes currently in production for individuals and vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

To find out more and get an idea of what kind of fit you can expect, visit the Cielo page today or call us on 01744 633985

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Car Covers - That Time Of Year!

Quite often at this time of year customers will think their car cover is leaking because they will find moisture on their car on certain days whereas in reality its due to heavy, damp air, passing through the breathable car cover fabric and condensing when it hits cold metal car body surface.

This is best seen at night or early morning when cars in the street may be covered in condensation or a fine mist, yet its not even been raining.  This is exactly the same as what happens under a cover to a degree as the air can pass through the material both ways.

If you uncover the car early morning or late evening then it figures that you may see some of this condensation.

If you uncover the car around mid day when the temperature has risen slightly then you wont see any as any moisture will vent off through the cover, passing away from the car.

So don't panic, your cover isn't leaking, its just a natural phenomenon that occurs in nature.

Stormforce VX220 Outdoor Waterproof and
Breathable Car Cover In Action
Ways to reduce condensation.

1) Park away from plants, shrubs and trees which tend to attract moisture on certain evenings

2) Park on a hard surface, not soil or grass or something which will hold moisture which will then rise under the cover.

3) Park so that the covered car is in early morning sunlight, this will speed up the venting away process.

4) Remove the cover regularly to dry it out and let the car breathe naturally.

Also if you cover an  open car, dont expect the cover to keep the condensation out, no cover will.  you will end up with moisture on seats and dash, dont forget a cover is not a garage.

Visit us today at for the best choice in Waterproof and Breathable car Covers

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Putting your car away in storage this Winter?

If you are putting your car away for Winter, either in storage or under a cover, we would highly recommend using one of these to keep any mice or rodents out of your car as the damage they can cause can be catastrophic. They eat through wiring, seat belts, seats, carpet the lot. Powered by a 9v battery they work for months at a time. Contact us for details on 01744 633985 or buy online here

The Pest, Mice and Rat Controller emits a 40,000 to 42,000 Hz ultrasonic signal every 8 seconds to protect an area approx. 2500 Sq Foot, unobstructed. Pest Controller is totally safe.  Pets, and other wildlife remain totally unaffected. If not entirely satisfied, Pest Controller is guaranteed for 12 months. Installed in minutes - Operates continuously with a PP3 9v Battery, for approx. 4 months.

Bans Mice and Rats from your car and garage... FOR GOOD!!

Permanently banishes Mice and Rats from your car
Completely harmless - deters Mice and Rats
Totally Safe - For Humans, Pets and other Wild Life
Environmentally friendly - No more poisons or traps required
Emits a 40,000 to 42,000 Hz sonic signal every 8 seconds to protect an area of up to 2500 sq. ft
Installed in minutes - Operates continuously for up to six months before new battery is required
Maintenance free

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Covers for Land Rovers with Racks Fitted

We are now offering customers who have Land Rovers with large racks fitted the ability to order a custom made outdoor cover that will fit perfectly.  Some of these racks can be quite tall and so its important to add extra depth to the body of the cover so it will fit correctly.  Add in the ability to Upgrade to PLUS format where the hemline tension system adds extra depth and security and you have a solution that works well.

These are not an on the shelf product like the standard Stormforce and Voyager Cover, they are custom made to order even in NON PLUS format and as such take slightly longer to deliver, but well worth the wait.

Click here for further details or to order online

We will require a photo of the Land Rover in question with the Rack fitted.

For questions on this and any other product call us on 01744 633985 or visit our Website at

Tuesday 1 September 2015

VW Camper Van - Stormforce PLUS Car Cover - Why its a must!

We are now several months into producing the new and improves Stormforce PLUS car covers and one thing is obvious from all the covers we have sold.  The Camper Van Version is a must have optional upgrade, here's why....

Most cars have a bonnet and a boot so a cover naturally lies well on the vehicle, tucking under the front and rear.

Because the Camper Van is a unique, Van type shape, there is no Bonnet and no boot to tuck the material under so the extra Hemline Skirt and tension provided by the PLUS Version of either the Stormforce or the Voyager is very beneficial to the fit and long term coverage of the car if stored outdoors in bad weather or for long periods.

One of our most popular covers currently, the Stormforce PLUS for the Type 2 Camper Van

Call os on 01744 633985 or visit us at

Saturday 1 August 2015

Stormforce PLUS : The Benefits Over Standard

Our new and improved Stormforce and Voyager PLUS upgraded car covers have been well received and are currently selling better than we ever imagined.  Approximately every one in 4 covers we sell at the moment is a PLUS Version.

Stormforce PLUS Car Covers

So why Upgrade?  We have outlined some of the benefits below.

1) PEACE OF MIND : If leaving the car stored unattended for longer periods, there is nothing worse than returning seeing the cover half off the car, or worse case not there at all due to high winds. The PLUS gives you that piece of mind that it will remain in on the car, even in the worst gales.

2) QUICK ON & OFF : No need to attach the under body straps if being stored short term, just set the tension on the underskirt, pop on and off without groveling on the floor with clips and attachments

3) BETTER FIT : Because the tension is under the car and spread evenly around the entire hem rather than just 4 x strap sew points the fit is better than the standard version of the cover. The Cover is also less likely to move about in gusts due to the extra tension being applied.

4) WARRANTY : Your Warranty still applies and covers the PLUS upgrade should the cover fail for some reason. 1 Year on Voyager PLUS and 2 Years on Stormforce PLUS with an after purchase option to enhance the Warranty even further should you wish.

5) OVER STRAP KIT : Included with every PLUS Cover, this gives you the option of using these long over straps should you wish to add extra protection in gales and bad weather, as well as the existing under straps and the PLUS tension hem.

So when buying your next cover or if simply upgrading, take time to look at the PLUS Upgrade, exclusive to us here at Coveryourcar, the first company EVER to sell a Stormforce Cover, 10 years ago, which means we feel we know more about this product than most "pop up" working from home or here today, gone tomorrow ebay sellers.

The Coveryourcar Team -

Monday 1 June 2015

Struggling With Straps?

If fitting under body straps is something you previously needed help with due to age or disability, then the new PLUS versions of our tried and tested Voyager and Stormforce Covers means you non longer need to struggle.   The unique elasticated underskirt means the cover will stay on the car securely, even with no under straps fitted.

This is also a handy upgrade if space is limited on your drive or within your garage where the car is stored.  Previously if the customer didnt have enough access to each side then attaching the under straps into their clips was just not possible. Now with the PLUS versions available this is no longer an issue.

Discover more about the unique underskirt tension system of our new Voyager PLUS and Stormforce PLUS covers here

Monday 18 May 2015

Voyager PLUS Car Covers - No more Straps

With the launch of both our new and exclusive Stormforce PLUS and Voyager PLUS covers this month, uptake has been very good, probably beyond what we imagined.

The feedback we are getting is that if you want a frequent use cover to throw on and off without the hassle of crawling on your knees to attach the under body straps then the Voyager PLUS is an ideal solution.

Simply set the tension on the underskirt to a level where the elasticated cord has to be stretched to fit over the car and this alone will secure the cover for short term use, without having to use the under body straps. Obviously if its Windy or the Cover is being left longer term then we would recommend using the straps as well but for that quick coverage, short term approach its a breath of fresh air!

This is worth considering if you have arrived to work, or home and are in your decent clothes and if the ground is wet its a Must Have Upgrade!

Find out more today at or call us on 01744 633985

The Car Cover Team, Established 10 Years and counting.

Saturday 28 March 2015

Trading Up & Stormforce Plus Launch Date

Customers Trading Up!

Its been yet another busy month here at Coveryourcar.  We have noticed an increase in customer "upgrading" to bespoke outdoor covers this month, maybe having previously tried an off the shelf product and wanting something better for their next purchase.

For more information on our Bespoke Outdoor Covers with options for Parking Permit and Number Plate Windows Click Here

Not to confuse the situation though we have several "bespoke" made outdoor covers in stock in our new Cielo, 2 tone material.  This way customers get the best of both worlds, a bespoke fitted cover but no waiting.

We currently have these in stock for the following cars and are available next working day at no extra cost.

Nissan GT-R, Toyota IQ, Renault Wind, Jaguar XK8/XKR Coupe and Cabrio pre 2006, Toyota GT86, Maserati Granturismo Coupe, Classic Mini, Ford Focus RS MK 1 & MK 2

These are brand new, never ever been out of the bag or on a vehicle.

For more information on our Bespoke Cielo Outdoor Covers Click Here

Stormforce Plus Launch Date

We can now announce that 1st May will be launch date for the new and improved Stormforce Plus Car Covers.  After much development and testing we feel the product is now ready for the public.  They will be available also with Integrated Alarm as an option as with the Standard Stormforce covers as well as locking kits. All exclusive to Coveryourcar

The process of enhancing the standard covers will also later apply to the standard Voyager covers, creating a Voyager Plus... watch this space.

Dont Forget we were the first company in the UK ever to sell the Stormforce brand and as such feel we know how to improve the standard covers.  Many other companies sell Stormforce as a "New" product, its not, its approx 8 years old but during that time, the material has been improved and designs changed, partly due to our feedback based on the tens of thousands we have sold worldwide.

We now feel its time to offer something even better, where as the material has been improved, the method of fitting and securing to the car hasnt changed previously in those 8 years.....BUT IT'S ABOUT TO!

The Coveryourcar Team

Thursday 5 March 2015

Stormforce Plus Car Cover now in Testing Phase!

We have had alot of interest already in our new Stormforce Plus product over the last 4 weeks since we announced its launch sometime early this year.  We currently have several prototypes being tested as we speak before final evaluation, tweaking and then production.

What we can announce is that the Stormforce Plus will be Exclusive to us here at and unavailable to purchase from any other supplier. They will be available as an "Upgrade" to the existing Stormforce Cover via our Website.

More news to follow >>>

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Stormforce Plus Car Cover

Thats right, the secret is out, we have been working on a new and improved version of our Stormforce Cover, improved, based on the things we have learnt over the last 10 years of selling this style of car cover both here in the UK and Worldwide.

Stormforce Plus Car Covers

At the moment the Stormforce Plus cover is under wraps and due to launch early 2015.  We are unable to say what the improvements will be currently, all we can say is they will be significant.

So keep an eye on our Website and Social Media Channels for more information as it develops.

Friday 2 January 2015

Renault Wind Fitted Outdoor Car Cover

Here at we supply all types of car covers for all types of cars, some off the shelf and some custom made.  Having received a request for a cover for a Renault Wind, we looked on our patterns database for the likes of Stormforce / Monsoon / Voyager etc off the shelf cover and having looked at the car's unique shape and dimensions we decided that the only solution would be to offer a bespoke fitting cover.

Time was taken to pattern an actual Renault Wind, via a paper template so the fit would be perfect, a bit like a custom made suit.  The resulting cover was a fantastic fit and the customer was very happy with the Two Tone Black & Grey look of the cover too.

So if you own a Renault Wind, chances are no other cover you buy online will fit like ours. But dont take our word for it, order one and see for yourself.

Pictures below were sent in below by very happy customer who had tried to find something to fit off the shelf to no avail.

Here is the link to the Renault Wind Custom Car Covers.

The Team @Coveryourcar