Saturday 31 October 2015

Cielo / Sky Shade Car Covers

Our new Cielo or Sky Shade as they will be known in future are a unique two tone colour for a reason.  The Sky facing panels are Light Grey because this colour fabric resists UV and Sunlight the best, were the Dark Side Panels add contrast and show the dirt less from grime thrown up by passing vehicles and the like.

The roll out continues on Coveryourcar with new patterns being added every week.  These are custom made, bespoke covers for the price of a semi tailored equivalent. 

They are made to order here in the UK and currently take 4 weeks to produce and deliver due to the volumes currently in production for individuals and vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

To find out more and get an idea of what kind of fit you can expect, visit the Cielo page today or call us on 01744 633985