Friday 28 August 2009

Stormforce Car Cover for Audi R8

We are currently debating making available a Stormforce Outdoor Car Cover for the amazing Audi R8. We have upto now prefered our Advantex material, which gives customers a choice of colour, either Dark Blue, British Racing Green, Silver Grey or Black. The Stormforce material will mean the price is slightly cheaper and they will be available next day! Price would be around the £200 mark.

More information on Stormforce Car Cover Material

Currently this pattern is only available in out outdoor Advantex Material and can be purchased here under our Audi Car Covers Section

Tuesday 18 August 2009

Think your car is clean?

You use your car on dry weekends only as it's you pride and joy right? On returning from your spirited drive, you dont want to wash, hand dry, polish your car for 2 hrs as its not really dirty....BUT, just look how much road dirt is on the car...LOTS.

We suggest using one of our Dust Particle Removing wands to dust off the car before putting it away or covering it.

For more information on the Wand visit Cover Your Car

Friday 14 August 2009

Buying a Fitted Car Cover from the US

You may be looking for a new car cover for your pride and joy and appart from avoiding the cheap and cheerful covers that may do more harm than good, what else should you consider?

If buying a cover from an overseas supplier, many companies and manufacturers have policies where if your covers becomes faulty, you have to return it for inspection or repair. This can be very expensive if you have to send a 4 kilo package to the states for example costing you £40 upwards. This also applies quite often if you buy a US manufactured cover from a UK supplier. If in doubt ASK!

Saturday 8 August 2009

Our Stormforce Covers just got even better!

Yes, its true, our 4 Layer Stormforce Covers just got even better. Unofficially known as Stormforce II they are now supplied by us as standard and are a new and improved version of the original material. We have been supplying SFII for the last 6 months in an ever increasing comittment to serving our customers with the best product available...