Monday 22 May 2017

Car Covers - Best Solution for Hot Weather - Lanzarote - Canary Islands - Dubai etc

Having seen first hand what heat, dust, sand, sun and high levels of UV can do to a car's paint work, not to mention interior, we are now able to offer our Silver, Heat Reflective Fitted Covers as a cost effective solution in areas like The Canary Islands, Dubai, Spain, Cyprus, South of France, Parts of the USA and other Hot parts of the world.

On a recent business trip to Spain, we took some photos of cars that were experiencing issues with their paintwork due to being left in the sun for long periods. These can be seen below and prevented by using one of our Special Heat Reflective Fitted Car Covers.

Shipping is typically just £20 - £25 from the UK due to our special rates, and the covers come fitted to the shape of the car with a one year guarantee against failure.

We also offer an "upgrade" to the standard cover known as a VOYAGER PLUS for those left for longer periods, especially if windy, for that peace of mind factor, where a hemline tension skirt applies pressure around the entire underbelly of the car, rather than the usual strap only system of most covers.

Customers in the Canary Islands can often not pay 20% UK VAT if they can provide a Residency ID Number, they will however pay import duty of around 7% on receipt of the cover.  Call us in the UK on +44 1744 633985 to order yours.

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