Monday 27 December 2010

Buying a Car Cover and living in London?

Parking in London has always been a problem and a parking space is a much treasured possession if you have one. So if you want to protect your car and use a car cover you will probably need one with a parking permit or tax disc holder window to keep the authorities happy. If your car is parked on the public highway, then you must display your tax disc, it is after all a legal requirement. If you park in a residence parking area then you will need to display a permit or risk getting a fine.

The Solution is to use one of our new Advan-tex bespoke car covers. Each one is individually made to order here in the UK. We insert a special window at time of manufacture so you can display both your tax disc and parking permit so you wont get into trouble with the law.

We can also fit a car cover locking kit and car cover alarm so you can protect your investment from thieves.

Don't be fobbed off by sellers suggesting taping things to the outside of a standard cover as in reality this isnt a viable solution.

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Thursday 9 December 2010

Monsoon Car Cover Review

Monsoon car covers from are a great solution to Winter / outdoor storage. They are a good fit, usually with pockets for the wing mirrors. They are polurathane based which means the material isnt as breathable as some other fabrics.

This isnt a problem though as the cover is breathable by design and has vents to help the air circulate. Infact in the winter months it works in a good way as damp, moisture heavy air doesnt pass through the cover and condense on the car like some other car covers.

The material is 100% waterproof, but can be slightly delicate if the cover is on and off the car every day. Great for longer term winter storage though where the cover is on the car for long periods.

The inner lining is also quite soft, distinctly different to the Stormforce and Voyager solutions which look similar inside and out.

Because the cover is Polyurathane, it doesnt last well in very hot climates where there is high UV and intense heat, in these instances a Stormforce, Voyager or Advan-Tex solution would be better.

All in all the Monsoon cover is a great solution for older cars over winter and help protect them from the worst of the elements

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Sunday 5 December 2010

Its Cold Outside

As temperatures drop in the UK over past and coming weeks, there is no better solution that the Stormforce 4 Layer Outdoor Car Cover to protect your car from Ice and Frost. Even if you are using the car everyday it, no more scraping windows or frozen shup door catches.

The frost can also have a significant negative effect on soft tops, especially if they are coloured. Do youself and your car a favour and get a Stormforce fitted outdoor car cover today from