Monday, 27 December 2010

Buying a Car Cover and living in London?

Parking in London has always been a problem and a parking space is a much treasured possession if you have one. So if you want to protect your car and use a car cover you will probably need one with a parking permit or tax disc holder window to keep the authorities happy. If your car is parked on the public highway, then you must display your tax disc, it is after all a legal requirement. If you park in a residence parking area then you will need to display a permit or risk getting a fine.

The Solution is to use one of our new Advan-tex bespoke car covers. Each one is individually made to order here in the UK. We insert a special window at time of manufacture so you can display both your tax disc and parking permit so you wont get into trouble with the law.

We can also fit a car cover locking kit and car cover alarm so you can protect your investment from thieves.

Don't be fobbed off by sellers suggesting taping things to the outside of a standard cover as in reality this isnt a viable solution.

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