Tuesday 4 January 2011

Choosing an outdoor car cover...

When choosing an outdoor car cover here are the top dos and donts from the Car Cover Specialists at Cover Your Car

DO... Make sure the car cover fits the car well, preferably with mirror pockets.
DO... If your car is parked on the road you will need a tax disc window.
DO... Make sure the cover is breathable and comes with a 2 year guarantee.
DO... Ensure the cover is elasticated and has underbody straps.
DO... Buy a cover with a non woven inner.
DO... Buy from a reputable company.
DO... Buy a washable cover and wash it in a bath at a low temp with lux flakes.

DONT. Buy a cover with a fleecy inner lining, it will hold dirt particles.
DONT. Buy a general fit, small, medium or large cover.
DONT. Buy a US Cover, check warranty isnt return to base at your expense.
DONT. Buy a cover with 2 grommets and a piece of under body fixing string.
DONT. Buy as an auction as you are not covered under the same rights as a Buy it Now
DONT. Wash the cover using deturgent in a washing machine.

Hope these little tips help you in your next Outdoor Car Cover purchase.

The Car Cover Experts at