Friday 14 January 2011

Bespoke Cycle Covers

OK so you are into your cycling and you have a nice and very expensive race bike that's your pride and joy. Way to expensive to leave in a shed or garage so it sits pride of place in your living room or bedroom or hallway.

Its probably state of the art and made from Carbon Fibre ( They all are these days ) and one day, the sun is shining, life is good, you reach for your steed and shock horror there is a chip, scratch or worse on the frame.

Someone has simply caught it with the hoover, bag or similar and its potentially ruined as with carbon fibre a chip can soon become a crack.

The answer is one of our new bespoke soft, fleece, tailored made indoor race bike covers. Made from the same Softech, non scratch, fleece material we use for Performance Supercars they will protect your bike from dings, scratched, dust, hair ( in the chain ) and worse.

Available in the colours of your club or team, they are available to buy online from Coveryourcar here.

So protect your investment today and dont chance it!