Monday 15 October 2012

Ford Focus RS Mk 2 Car Cover

When the Ford Focus RS Mk2 came out several years ago, it was a rare site on UK roads.  Cars were much sought after, as they still are today, but actually seeing one in the flesh was a rare site.

We were asked in those early days to produce covers for them and as the cars were so rare each one was made as a one off.  But since then the car has become more popular and more available and as a result a pattern was taken and car covers were made in volume.

The result of this is the cover is now cheaper for customers and they are available immediately off the shelf, although the quality of the fit and material remain high.

A fitted, outdoor, 4 layer tailored cover for around £140.

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Tuesday 2 October 2012

Bespoke Classic Mini Softech Indoor Car Cover

Here at, we were recently commissioned to product a bespoke, indoor fleece cover for a Classic Mini Cooper, in of all places, Australia.  This Classic Mini also had lamp pods fitted so had to be taken into consideration when cutting the pattern.

As with all older classic cars we tend to ask for photographs etc before the process begins so we can see any slight modifications to the car.  Wing / door mirrors in particular are always something we take care over with older cars as they were never standard fit item(s).  Many mirrors have been fitted later via owners, dealers etc so their position can differ considerably.   Measurements and photos normally ensure the pockets in the covers are right, first time.

With indoor Softech bespoke fleece covers, customers can specify their own personal colour combination and piping usually to match or contrast the car being covered.

More Photos and Product information on this Classic Mini Cover

This customer was also able to take advantage of VAT Free Shipping being outside the EU. For more information on our Soft, Indoor Fleece covers call us on 01744 633985 where one of our staff can talk you through the various options available or visit us online at