Monday 18 May 2015

Voyager PLUS Car Covers - No more Straps

With the launch of both our new and exclusive Stormforce PLUS and Voyager PLUS covers this month, uptake has been very good, probably beyond what we imagined.

The feedback we are getting is that if you want a frequent use cover to throw on and off without the hassle of crawling on your knees to attach the under body straps then the Voyager PLUS is an ideal solution.

Simply set the tension on the underskirt to a level where the elasticated cord has to be stretched to fit over the car and this alone will secure the cover for short term use, without having to use the under body straps. Obviously if its Windy or the Cover is being left longer term then we would recommend using the straps as well but for that quick coverage, short term approach its a breath of fresh air!

This is worth considering if you have arrived to work, or home and are in your decent clothes and if the ground is wet its a Must Have Upgrade!

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