Tuesday 20 December 2016

Covers for the Ford Focus RS, Mk1, MK2 and now MK3

Now available for the Ford Focus RS MK1, MK2 and new Mk3 - Three completely separate patterns, each one taken from an actual car in question and made to fit, inch perfect.

Now in stock and available immediately vis UK dispatch, to your door in 48 hrs, so no need to make do with a Semi - Fitted alternative.

They come in their own specific branded bag, each one in a striking two tone black and grey.

Visit us today at to order yours.

Tuesday 8 November 2016

Outdoor Car Covers - The Truth

At this time of year we get lots of customers, looking to purchase covers as presents, for loved ones, or for their pride and joy for the first time. But, there seems to be an awful lot of mis information being spouted to customers out there about outdoor car covers, either by companies new to this game mis informed or just stupidity. Some of the common questions we get
a) My cover needs to be fleeced lined - Bad idea, this will trap and hold moisture and dirt inside the cover and will rub your paintwork over time. It will take a long time to dry out also.
b) A cover is NOT a garage, it won't keep your car totally dry against dew and moisture but should keep rain out if its waterproof.
c) Cheap, semi fitted covers are not the same as Bespoke, custom made in terms of fit and quality.
d) Water Resistant is not the same as Water proof
e) Covering your car wet, may be ok with a breathable cover but not if its been driven before hand as the water will contain road dirt particles. When the water evaporates off it will leave the dirt behind.
f) Removing the cover once every few weeks is just common sense.
g) You have to be prepared to be thorough before covering. Use a dust brush to remove dirt, before hand. Don't just throw the cover on and hope.
h) More layers means its better is not always the case, if the cover doesn't fit well and flaps against the paint it doesn't matter how many layers it has.
i) UV and heat kill covers, like any piece of material left outside, it won't last forever. 2 years is good for any outdoor cover no matter what you are told.
These are just some of the common mis conceptions we get asked about, and having sold covers for over 10 years we think we know this business

The Car Cover Specialists,

Friday 4 November 2016

Is my car cover leaking?

Every year, around this time of year the same old question arises with outdoor car covers.  "Is my car cover leaking?"

The simple answer is No it probably isnt,

Its not leaking, its simple physics due to the time of year, when Damp, Heavy Air passes through breathable fabric, such as a Breathable Car Cover and comes into contact with a cold metal car, forming dew.

This can also be seen, at night or early morning with cars in the street that have moisture on them, yet its not been raining.  Same principle.  What it means it your car cover is working properly, allowing air to pass both ways through it.

As the temperature rises during the day, this occasional moisture will vent away as the air passes out into the atmosphere.  Chances are in Summer and warmer climates you will never see this, but remove car early morning in places like the UK and some parts of Europe and you will.

The only way to prevent this phenomena it to fit a non breathable, plastic cover, which is bad news all round and something we would never recommend.  The damp air cant get in, but also, any moisture under the cover, rising up from the ground will get trapped.  The car can also sweat during summer months so a breathable cover is ALWAYS the way to go.

The Car Cover Experts -

Monday 19 September 2016

Classic Cars Prices and Protection

Like most people, here at Coveryourcar we own a classic car.  Purchased initially out love for the vehicle itself, not for any financial gain and purchased probably years ago for not much money.

But over recent years many classic cars have become very valuable, especially some cars from the 80s and 90s with prices sky rocketing and demand rising.

If you dont have a garage then a good quality fitted cover is the next best thing.  It will never be as good a garage but unless your garage is secure and on your property, leaving it to the mercy of thieves and vandals its the only answer.

A breathable cover will always let moisture through it, onto the car, as the heavy damp air passes through the fabric and hits a cold surface, it will condense on certain days.  Normally in the form of dew, or a fine mist layer all over the vehicle.  This does not mean the cover isn't waterproof. ( ie when it rains ) - This normally occurs early morning or late evening.

As the temperature during the day rises this mist layer will vent off through the breathable fabric leaving the car dry.  The only way to stop this is to use a non breathable fabric so the air cant pass through it, such as a plastic sheet, BUT any moisture rising from the ground will get trapped under the plastic and the car will sweat as the moisture cant escape.  SO ALWAYS GO FOR A BREATHABLE COVER!

So when looking at the benefits of keeping your pride and joy on your property and under your watchful eye, under a quality car cover, as opposed to in a lock up garage, away and at the mercy of thieves and vandals...we would choose the first option.

The Coveryourcar Team

Monday 1 August 2016

Car Storage and Cover Checklist for Hot Climates

Over the years we have supplied many car covers to hot countries, and knowing what to buy and what to look for is important when choosing the right cover.  Heat, Sun and high UV effects some covers badly so we have put together a checklist before any potential purchase...

1) The most important thing is DO NOT buy a Polyurathane cover for use in a hot country.  These are usually plastic based and have vents rather than breathable fabric.  They have a UV resister in the material but this only works normally up to 20 degrees C.  This type of cover will suffer badly, very quickly, resulting in cracking and peeling of the outer layer within months if not weeks.

2) Dont buy a dark or Black cover.  The best colour for use in heat and high UV is Silver, followed by Grey

3) If the cover is being left on a Vehicle long term in the Summer months somewhere hot then make sure you read any Care or Useage Guide that comes with the product so you know where you stand regarding any guarantee.

4) If the car is being parked long term and left unattended then the fixing of the cover to the vehicle is also very important.  The last thing you want is to return to your vehicle and find its blown up at the front or rear or worst case off completely, leaving the car unprotected from the heat and sun.  Here at Coveryourcar we have developed our PLUS range of covers with this in mind as each one is fitted with a hemline tension skirt system for your piece of mind.

5) Tyre covers are also worth considering if the car is not being moved for a while as they can egg over time and also the side walls can crack if exposed to sun for long periods.  We would recommend using something like our Tyre Covers to prevent this from happening.

So based on all of the above, if you bought a cover from us here at Coveryourcar for use in a hot climate, we would recommend the Stormforce PLUS or Voyager PLUS, along with a set of Wheel Covers for extra protection.

Call us on 01744 633985 for further information or advise or visit us today at

Wednesday 13 July 2016

Car Thefts Off Driveways On The Up!

This has been a problem for many years in certain parts of the country, where high end cars are stolen to order from driveways or garages, by criminals breaking into homes, looking purely for car keys.  We have heard of people being held at knife point in their homes while their car is simply driven away, often ending up overseas or used later in further criminal activities.

Many of these crimes are targeted where a specific make and model of vehicle is acquired as a target and then taken at when the right moment arises. This type of crime is on the increase in the UK.

One simple way to protect yourself from this is to use a cover on your car when not in use so it cant be targeted by passing criminals.  Also many forms of security now being used on cars by owners has gone back to Old Tech methods, Wheel Clamps, Steering Wheel Locks and the like as many high end alarms can now be hacked and turned off using specific scanning equipment.  Fitting a cover with an alarm in it also one of those Old Skool Type, tried and tested ways of alerting you when your vehicle is being tampered with.

A good example of this was the issue with the Ford Focus RS Mk2, where there was a problem with the diagnostic port inside the car being hacked, alarm turned off and simply driven away.  A cover with an alarm in it will activate once removed by the unsuspecting criminals,  alerting the car owner and also catching the unsuspecting thief by surprise.

Find out more about our Cover and Covers with Integrated Alarms inside at

Saturday 2 July 2016

Stormforce / Voyager PLUS Website

Due to the ever increasing interest in our new and improved Stormforce PLUS and Voyager PLUS Car Covers we have launched a new website dedicated entirely to them.  This can be found at with photos, images and information on our exclusive covers now available to buy online.

Each Voyager PLUS and Stormforce PLUS cover comes complete with an XL Bag Upgrade, an overstrap kit and currently a Free Flexi blade throughout July 2016

We have also launched a separate Facebook Page for the Stormforce PLUS covers where we will be outlining special offers and give aways each month.

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Protect Those Wheels and Discs with Our Unique Wheel Covers


Our new Wheel covers in BLACK Voyager material protects tyre walls from cracking in heat when stored in direct sunlight and gives added protection to alloy wheels, brake discs and calipers.  Shown here being fitted to a Fiat 500 Abarth.

Easy to apply and remove with an elasticated double stitched hem and strap around the back of the wheel which grip to the wheel without straps or fasteners.

Ideal for outdoor or indoor storage.
Protect tyre walls from cracking in direct sunlight when stored for long periods
Prevention from roadside grit and salt damage
Deters wheel theft or vandalism
Prevents scratches and scuffs
Use with a car cover where wheels are not fully covered or where a cover is not in use
Strong, breathable and water resistant
High tear resistance
Moisture rolls off easily and is not absorbed
Made in black to hide brake dust and dirt
Complimentary storage bag
Free UK delivery and available immediately from Stock

Call us on 01744 633985 to order - Sizes 14 to 16" and 17" available for £34 Delivered UK or visit

Wheel Covers

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Monday 28 March 2016

Fiat 500 Abarth Cover at Cars & Coffee Liverpool

During a recent visit to the Cars & Coffee Car event held in Liverpool each month, we demonstrated one of our Cielo Two Tone, fully fitted outdoor covers on another Fiat 500 Abarth.  The car and cover attracted plenty attention during the morning meet with several orders following...  Below are some images of the cover in action, taken during the day.

Monday 22 February 2016

Fiat 500 Abarth Two Tone Outdoor Custom Car Cover

We are big fans of itialian cars here at Coveryourcar, so this month we took it upon ourselves to pattern a custom Cielo cover for the Fiat 500 Abarth.  With Grey Sky Facing Panels and Black Sides this distinctive cover stands out from the rest, especially with its bespoke, custom fit.

With tailoring for the rear Abarth Spoiler, Mirrors and Curvature of the car, this is the cover to have.  4 x under body straps also ensure it stays on the car, even in the wildest weather.

So call us today or visit us online at to order your Fiat 500 Abarth Custom Car Cover.