Wednesday 25 May 2016

Protect Those Wheels and Discs with Our Unique Wheel Covers


Our new Wheel covers in BLACK Voyager material protects tyre walls from cracking in heat when stored in direct sunlight and gives added protection to alloy wheels, brake discs and calipers.  Shown here being fitted to a Fiat 500 Abarth.

Easy to apply and remove with an elasticated double stitched hem and strap around the back of the wheel which grip to the wheel without straps or fasteners.

Ideal for outdoor or indoor storage.
Protect tyre walls from cracking in direct sunlight when stored for long periods
Prevention from roadside grit and salt damage
Deters wheel theft or vandalism
Prevents scratches and scuffs
Use with a car cover where wheels are not fully covered or where a cover is not in use
Strong, breathable and water resistant
High tear resistance
Moisture rolls off easily and is not absorbed
Made in black to hide brake dust and dirt
Complimentary storage bag
Free UK delivery and available immediately from Stock

Call us on 01744 633985 to order - Sizes 14 to 16" and 17" available for £34 Delivered UK or visit

Wheel Covers

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