Friday 6 January 2017

VW Camper Van Stormforce Cover Fitting for Winter

We were recently asked for home assistance locally covering a Classic VW Camper Van, it was a conversion with pop top bay version with a large rack on the rear.  On this rack was the spare tyre.

Having seen the van previously we knew that our Standard Stormforce Camper Van Cover would fit perfectly if the rack was removed.  The van was parked up in an ideal location, out of the shade and in a place where sunlight would fall on the van early morning dew.

The rack was carefully removed and stored inside the van, the van was cleaned and then the cover was carefully fitted, tucking under the bumpers front and rear.  We also fitted a cover over strap kit as the van was being left for long periods unattended and this would give the owner piece of mind in high winds.

We took photos of the fitting and made a short video of the event below.