Tuesday 28 February 2023

The 500e Abarth - All Electric - Sneak Peak!

The New 500e Abarth! Car Cover Exploration.

We were invited to a private viewing of the New All Electric 500e Abarth last weekend at Mangoletsi near Knutsford in Cheshire.   

The car was stunning in green and certainly looked and sounded the part. ( Speaker ) but at 40k wont be an easy purchase.  The initial limited production run of cars will no doubt be snapped up quickly and then hopefully the price should come down as full production kicks in.  We sized up the car against our current range and found that the same pattern we put on the standard 500e will fit, again with charge flap option.  

Call us on 01744 633985 for more information on car covers, indoor or outdoor for the Fiat 500e or new Abarth version.   More information can be found online here