Friday 28 December 2012

Tax Disc / Parking Permit Window in Car Cover

Rest assured if you cover your car while its parked in an area where a Parking Permit must be required, something like residence parking only, then you will get a ticket unless your car cover has a window in it, enabling any warden to see your Permit.

With an Advan-Tex bespoke outdoor car cover from us here at you can rest assured that you wont get a ticket if you choose the optional "Parking Permit / Tax Disc Window" option for your cover.  Its a quality solution where the window is inserted at time of production,  We even now offer Rear Numberplate windows for that extra peace of mind.

We have seen a few DIY Kits for parking permit windows, where the customer buys an off the shelf cover, then cuts it with scissors or a knife and puts in the window.  A recipie for disaster as once the customer does this, normally any warranty is void, and it will over time leak and fail.

So if you park in a city center or in an area where you need a permit and want to cover your car then call us on 01744 633985 today or visit

Thankyou - The CYC Team