Thursday 17 January 2013

Stormforce Car Covers and The Snow Effect

So once again the UK is facing Snow this winter and the right car cover can protect your car from its effects but only if its a certain type.

Snow can be a real problem for Soft Tops, it creates extra downward pressure on hoods which over time can create sagging and deformation of a soft top and well as fading if left unprotected for long periods.

The answer is to fit a quality heavy duty car cover such as our Stormforce Car Cover that wont rip when snow is cleared from it before removal. This extra layer of protection means the soft top can be saved from the effects of ice and snow.

The right cover can also save you time and effort on those icy early mornings where defrosting your entire car can make you late for work or late dropping off the kids at school.  Simply remove the cover, job done!

No scraping windscreens,  frozen fingers,  iced door locks etc.

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