Monday 23 December 2013

Car Cover for your Lancia Delta Integrale?

Here at we are passionate about the legendary Lancia Delta Integrale, no more so because we are lucky enough to own an Evolution version of the car and have done over 10 years.

Back in the early days looking for a quality outdoor cover for this car is what helped us to start the company.  The sheer lack of good quality car cover products on the market back then meant you either used a general fit cover, made from a fabric that was almost useless, or you paid someone to come out and measure your car for a custom fit pattern which was extremely expensive.

This got us thinking, and sourcing the initial covers for the Lancia for ourselves and fellow Lancia enthusiasts helped us develop the products we sell today.  We have since expanded the range of covers we sell now, making use of all the very latest fabrics and patterns.  This means we can offer more choice than most other car cover companies as our level of choice is second to none.

So if you want a quality fitted cover quickly, we have the best choice available on the shelf, wether its indoor or outdoor, there are 4 types of fabric to choose from.  But if you want something bespoke, hand made then we can offer that too.

Our soft indoor covers are similar in design and feel to the original indoor Soft Fleece covers that came from Italy for the Lancia Delta and our Bespoke Outdoor Covers are the ultimate in outdoor protection.

So no matter what your budget, this car deserves to be covered and as such we have a solution to suit all pockets, so visit us today online or call us today on 01744 808892 for advice, technical information or to just talk Lancias!

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Toyota GT86 - Indoor Fitted Car Cover

Due to the success of the 4 layer outdoor Stormforce cover for the GT86, we have made the decision to mass produce an indoor version of the same pattern using our Sahara indoor fabric.  This offers excellent value for money at just £60 over a fully tailored equivalent that can cost £270.

The other benefit is that the indoor cover is available immediately so no long waiting period while it is in a queue to be made.  The cover is blue and feedback so far from customers has been excellent.  The Non Scratch Sahara fabric is non stretch but fits the car perfectly as per the video.

Buy Your Toyota GT86 Sahara Indoor Car Cover from here

Should you require a bespoke indoor fleece in a particular colour combination then we can supply that also for the GT86.  The material is called Softech and each one is hand tailored to order here in the UK

Contact us today on 01744 633985 to discuss your cover requirements or visit us at

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Classic Fiat 500 Bespoke Outdoor Car Cover

The Classic Fiat 500 is definitely a car worth looking after, they have become real icons and prices have soared since the launch of the latest "New" edition of the Fiat 500.

Advan-Tex Bespoke Classic Fiat 500 Outdoor Car Cover by
Finding a good fitting cover for the Classic 500 is a real problem, if you are looking for an off the shelf cover, mainly due to its size.... its tiny.  The only way to protect it well is to go down the Bespoke route.  This way mirror pocket(s) can be added, for a single or dual mirrors, and it will guarantee to fit perfectly and not flap and chaff the paint in the wind.

Our Advan-Tex solution, as seen in the photos below offers, such a solution.  Customers can choose colour, tax disc or parking permit windows, integrated alarm, number plate windows, backed by our comprehensive 2 year Guarantee.

With a soft, brushed inner this cover is gentle on paint and with multiple under body straps is designed to stay on the car no matter how windy it gets.

For more information or to order a Classic Fiat 500 Bespoke Car Cover visit our website.

Monday 1 July 2013

The Monthly Prize Draw

Here at Coveryourcar, we just love seeing photos of our car covers in action.  Each month we will be putting together a considerable stash of car goodies for a prize draw to be held at the end of each month.  To enter customers simply need to email in their photo of the cover we supplied on the vehicle in question to 

In doing so the sender grants us permission to use the photo on our website, facebook etc. 

Good Luck!

Friday 21 June 2013

Coveryourcar on Instagram

We have been busy uploading some interesting photos to our new Instagram Feed to give our customers an insight into what we do and what we are about here at Coveryourcar.  The Feed can be found at

Sunday 9 June 2013

Using a Car Cover in Summer?

Car covers are ideal for using in summer or high temperatures to keep the interior of your vehicle cool and prevent leather interiors baking and cracking in long periods of direct sunlight, BUT.... choosing the correct summer cover can be tricky as out of all the elements, UV and heat are probably the worse ones you subject a car cover to.  Leaving your car on the drive for 2 weeks while you take your summer holiday could also be potentially damaging if bird lime ends up on the paint work and it gets baked under the lacquer by heat during your absence.

Out of our range of car covers, the cheapest, lightest outdoor cover called the Voyager is ideal from frequent use as in covering your car to prevent tree sap damage as well as damage from sun.  It can be easily washed and doesn't take up a lot of space when its in storage.  I.e. it can easily be stored in the boot.

For longer term storage then our Stormforce or Advan-Tex car covers are better, where the cover is going to sit on the vehicle for longer periods.  The Stormforce is ideal if you want a fitted cover immediately, those willing to wait but who prefer a more custom, better fit should choose the Advan-Tex.

In hot counties you should avoid dark coloured covers such as Black or Dark Blue as this will only speed up the degregation process of the material.

So protect your investment in one easy step. With a Quality Car Cover from

Tuesday 9 April 2013

Toyota Prius Outdoor Car Cover - Bespoke UK Made

With sales of Hybrid Cars currently on the increase we thought it only fit to take the opportunity to pattern one of the latest edition Toyota Prius cars.  This version we used an an example uses K.E.R.S. ( similar to an F1 car ) to recharge the battery under the rear seat which compliments the 1.8 petrol engine during the braking or coasting phase of driving.

The car was patterned at the local Toyota dealership and a bespoke cover was produced, featuring a tax disc / parking permit window and rear numberplate window, enabling us to remain legal while parked on the main road.  These panels are sealed in at time of manufacture, NOT a DIY with a pair of scissors option as offered by some car cover companies we have seen.

This version of the cover also came with an integrated car cover alarm as its a quality piece of kit and we would like to keep hold of it or stop it from going "missing" over night.

4 x Integral under body straps ensure the fit is secure.  We went for Black for this demo version, great for use outdoors here in the UK but in hot climates we would recommend Grey as the best colour.

So you have invested in your Prius, it didn't come cheap but help keep it in pristine condition with one of our Bespoke fitted outdoor covers.  Find out more or buy online here...

Call us on 01744 808892 for further information or questions you may have.

The Coveryourcar Team

Thursday 21 February 2013

Toyota GT86 Car Cover Photo Shoot

After being featured on the BBC's Top Gear program several weeks ago, we have been very busy with cover requests for the new, amazing Toyota GT86.  We made an appointment to view the car at the local Toyota dealership to see what all the fuss was about and we have to say its a lot of car for the money.

We were given the opportunity to photograph and video one of our outdoor, 4 Layer fitted car covers on the car itself and the fit was amazing as you would expect.  While the cover was on the car in the showroom, it attracted alot of attention and interest by customers and dealership staff.

Bear in mind this is an "Off The Shelf" product. No waiting.... yours within 48hrs and priced very reasonably considering it comes with a 2 year guarantee from ourselves.  This exact pattern also comes in an indoor format for around £60, again available within 48hrs to UK customers, 3 days Europe and 7 days rest of the world.

The 4 layer version is geat in heat and cold, available with optional security locking kit and integrated car cover alarm, we think its a real winner.  So if you are or are soon to be the proud owner of a Toyota GT 86, look after it with a fitted cover from us here at

Available to buy online today via our website.

Toyota GT86 Outdoor 4 Layer Fitted Car Cover from from coveryourcar on Vimeo.

Monday 4 February 2013

Honda FR-V Fitted Outdoor Car Cover

A recent video, showing a selection of photographs taken at the launch of our new lightweight, outdoor fitted car cover for the Honda FR-V now available to buy online at

Honda FR-V Voyager Indoor / Outdoor Fitted Car Cover
from coveryourcar on Vimeo.

Thursday 17 January 2013

Stormforce Car Covers and The Snow Effect

So once again the UK is facing Snow this winter and the right car cover can protect your car from its effects but only if its a certain type.

Snow can be a real problem for Soft Tops, it creates extra downward pressure on hoods which over time can create sagging and deformation of a soft top and well as fading if left unprotected for long periods.

The answer is to fit a quality heavy duty car cover such as our Stormforce Car Cover that wont rip when snow is cleared from it before removal. This extra layer of protection means the soft top can be saved from the effects of ice and snow.

The right cover can also save you time and effort on those icy early mornings where defrosting your entire car can make you late for work or late dropping off the kids at school.  Simply remove the cover, job done!

No scraping windscreens,  frozen fingers,  iced door locks etc.

Visit us soon at Coveryourcar or call our Customer Services Team on 01744 633985 to find out more about Stormforce 4 Layer Fitted Outdoor Car Covers.