Tuesday 9 April 2013

Toyota Prius Outdoor Car Cover - Bespoke UK Made

With sales of Hybrid Cars currently on the increase we thought it only fit to take the opportunity to pattern one of the latest edition Toyota Prius cars.  This version we used an an example uses K.E.R.S. ( similar to an F1 car ) to recharge the battery under the rear seat which compliments the 1.8 petrol engine during the braking or coasting phase of driving.

The car was patterned at the local Toyota dealership and a bespoke cover was produced, featuring a tax disc / parking permit window and rear numberplate window, enabling us to remain legal while parked on the main road.  These panels are sealed in at time of manufacture, NOT a DIY with a pair of scissors option as offered by some car cover companies we have seen.

This version of the cover also came with an integrated car cover alarm as its a quality piece of kit and we would like to keep hold of it or stop it from going "missing" over night.

4 x Integral under body straps ensure the fit is secure.  We went for Black for this demo version, great for use outdoors here in the UK but in hot climates we would recommend Grey as the best colour.

So you have invested in your Prius, it didn't come cheap but help keep it in pristine condition with one of our Bespoke fitted outdoor covers.  Find out more or buy online here...

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The Coveryourcar Team