Sunday 9 June 2013

Using a Car Cover in Summer?

Car covers are ideal for using in summer or high temperatures to keep the interior of your vehicle cool and prevent leather interiors baking and cracking in long periods of direct sunlight, BUT.... choosing the correct summer cover can be tricky as out of all the elements, UV and heat are probably the worse ones you subject a car cover to.  Leaving your car on the drive for 2 weeks while you take your summer holiday could also be potentially damaging if bird lime ends up on the paint work and it gets baked under the lacquer by heat during your absence.

Out of our range of car covers, the cheapest, lightest outdoor cover called the Voyager is ideal from frequent use as in covering your car to prevent tree sap damage as well as damage from sun.  It can be easily washed and doesn't take up a lot of space when its in storage.  I.e. it can easily be stored in the boot.

For longer term storage then our Stormforce or Advan-Tex car covers are better, where the cover is going to sit on the vehicle for longer periods.  The Stormforce is ideal if you want a fitted cover immediately, those willing to wait but who prefer a more custom, better fit should choose the Advan-Tex.

In hot counties you should avoid dark coloured covers such as Black or Dark Blue as this will only speed up the degregation process of the material.

So protect your investment in one easy step. With a Quality Car Cover from