Saturday 29 April 2017

Towing Covers for Caravans - The Tow Pro

This month we launch our new mini website dedicated to Towing Caravan Covers called CoverYourCaravan,

Made to order on a 4 week schedule, each one is tailored to fit a specific make and model of british caravan, post 2012.

Available in Tow Pro, Tow Pro PLUS or Tow Pro Elite they include many nice little extra features

Reasons for using a Caravan Cowing Cover include...
  • Protect from impacting dead insects and flies, especially in Summer.
  • General Road Dirt and Mud Splashes.
  • Stone Chips.
  • Water and Spray Damage when it’s being towed.
  • Marks from sxhaust emission from towing vehicle. 
  • Sun, UV and Glare

As an Example The PLUS Version includes...

  • Fully tailor-made in the UK
  • Sleek design allows fitting within minutes, with no buckles or clips to adjust
  • Caravans own lights are visible through Perspex windows
  • Elasticated sides create a snug fit around the front of your caravan
  • Locker Box Access and our Easy Grab System as standard
  • Choice of 4 colours
  • Free UK delivery (4 weeks)
Visit us now for more information or to buy online at CoverYourCaravan

Sunday 9 April 2017

Lancia Delta Integrale Car Covers - Custom Made

Owning one ourselves we are aware of the need to cover up your Lancia Delta Integrale if being stored inside or out.

Our custom made outdoor covers are tailored to fit the specific version of Integrale, and also the angle of the rear spoiler if fitted.  Either down, 45 degrees or Vertical.  This can made a big difference to the fit at the rear.  Also a non tailored cover may rub the corners of the spoiler over time, this is because if its an original spoiler it will be made from alloy and as such won't have been baked during the painting process so the paint remains soft.

The integrale is also quite an angular car, being from the 80's and 90's so lots of square corners that need to be covered perfectly to avoid rubbing issues.

We can also manufacture indoor covers, similar to the original Lancia Cover that was supplied with every Evo2.  Drop by our website or give us a call to discuss your requirements on 01744 633985

Here's one we made earlier in action in our two tone Cielo fabric.

Monday 3 April 2017

Stormforce PLUS vs Car Cover Over Net

Many companies have now copied our idea of using an Over Net with a car cover. Having sold it for many, many years we know its limitations and why you should always go for a PLUS upgrade over a net unless you are trailering that car and using it to keep the cover in place.

Here are some reasons why you wouldn't use a Car Cover Over Net.

a) The Wrong Kind of Net.
A Net that is glued and not looped will eventually fail.  Every "join" point on the net also becomes a friction point.  Too many small loops means the cover is going to ruin your car cover quickly.  Slightly bigger "holes" are better than lots of small ones.

b) Warranty
Many Car Cover manufacturers will invalidate any warranty on that cover if its been used with an over net. ( Worth Checking ).....  Why?  because it will move in the wind and over time remove / shred the outer layer of any multilayered cover as it puts pressure on the outer surface as it moves.

c) Where is it made?
Our nets are made in Scotland, by one of the countries oldest, traditional net makers, establshed in the 1800s, as opposed to india or china where the quality just isn't the same.

d) Price
Its cheaper to upgrade your cover to a PLUS version, and still maintain the full warranty on the car cover, that use a more expensive Net that won't.

e) Adjustable bungee cord.
Every Net we sell comes with a minimum of 10 Meters worth of 1cm thick bungee cord.  This can be adjusted through the net at the best point that suits you and adjusted to fit.

To find out more about the right kind of net that can be used for trailering visit our Car Cover Over Net Page here.  Should you need more security for your car cover in high winds visit our Stormforce PLUS page here.

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