Saturday 29 April 2017

Towing Covers for Caravans - The Tow Pro

This month we launch our new mini website dedicated to Towing Caravan Covers called CoverYourCaravan,

Made to order on a 4 week schedule, each one is tailored to fit a specific make and model of british caravan, post 2012.

Available in Tow Pro, Tow Pro PLUS or Tow Pro Elite they include many nice little extra features

Reasons for using a Caravan Cowing Cover include...
  • Protect from impacting dead insects and flies, especially in Summer.
  • General Road Dirt and Mud Splashes.
  • Stone Chips.
  • Water and Spray Damage when it’s being towed.
  • Marks from sxhaust emission from towing vehicle. 
  • Sun, UV and Glare

As an Example The PLUS Version includes...

  • Fully tailor-made in the UK
  • Sleek design allows fitting within minutes, with no buckles or clips to adjust
  • Caravans own lights are visible through Perspex windows
  • Elasticated sides create a snug fit around the front of your caravan
  • Locker Box Access and our Easy Grab System as standard
  • Choice of 4 colours
  • Free UK delivery (4 weeks)
Visit us now for more information or to buy online at CoverYourCaravan