Wednesday 28 April 2010

New Generation of Outdoor Car Covers

We are pleased to introduce a brand new material to the UK for our "Guanti" range of fitted outdoor car covers. The material is Breathable, Waterproof AND Stretch and is a landmark in material technology, used only previously by the military.

Outdoor material by its nature was always non stretch and as such meant that covers never gave that same snug fit as soft fleece indoor covers. Well all that is about to change. The only draw back currently is the price as this material is very expensive and covers will retail for approx £400.

Watch this space for availability and further information.

Monday 19 April 2010

Deft Division Clothing UK

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Swellkicker UK who specialise in the latest Deft Division Urban Wear and Clothing from Australia.

Swellkicker are sponsoring the Cycle Team Rider of the month competition this year so our guys will be looking the part when not on the bike this summer.

To find out more about Deft Division Clothing Click Here

Ford Focus RS 500 Ltd Edition

We have sold quite a few bespoke car covers for the standard Ford Focus RS, to UK and overseas customers. With the launch of the New Limited Edition Ford Focus RS 500 ( All currently Sold in the UK ) we expect there to be a few more...

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Car Cover Reviews

When looking for your next car cover quality and price are always going to be key. The best covers combine both together with a fit that is specific to the vehicle in question. That doesnt mean "Small", "Medium", or "Large", it means specific fit.

Here at we combine the best of both worlds, quality and fit at a price you can afford with thousands of specific patterns for specific vehicles.

a) Sahara Indoor Car Covers- A specific fittting indoor cover at a price you wont believe

b) Voyager Indoor/Outdoor Car Covers - An everyday use, lightweight fitted cover, compresses quite small and takes a lot of punishment on a daily basis.

c) Monsoon Outdoor Car Covers - Ideally for Winter use, waterproof and fitted and perfect for any car with a water getting inside issue. Not great in Extreme Heat like Spain or Australia.

d) Stormforce Outdoor Car Covers - Our 4 Layer waterproof and breathable fabric, again made to measure and amazing value for money, comes witha 2 year guarantee. Great in all temperatures.

e) Softech Indoor Car Covers - Our Soft fleece stretch covers for indoor use that fit like a second skin. Each on is made to measure and available in 11 colour combinations.

f) Advantex Outdoor Car Covers- If you need to cover something unusual outdoors or require a specific colour we can custom make you a one off. We casn even include a tax disc or parking permit window.

Whatever your car cover needs we have it covered at

Thursday 15 April 2010

Car Cover Security Locking Kit

Loop our lockable cable through your car cover’s grommets for ideal security. This security cable and padlock ( in silicone jacket) have been designed to be a non scratch deterrent to help prevent the theft of your car cover.

How To Fit : The cable fits underneith the car through the centre eyelets that are stitched onto the bottom hemline of the car cover at each side. Thread the chrome plated end through the eyelet from the outside surface of the car cover and pass it through the looped end of the cable. Pull the cable through and pass it under the car and through the inside of the eyelet on the other side of the car. Fit the non scratch silicone sleeve /jacket over the body of the padlock and then snap the lock closed through the chrome plated cable end of the cable.

Click here for more information or to buy your Car Cover Security Locking Kit online.