Tuesday 23 July 2013

Classic Fiat 500 Bespoke Outdoor Car Cover

The Classic Fiat 500 is definitely a car worth looking after, they have become real icons and prices have soared since the launch of the latest "New" edition of the Fiat 500.

Advan-Tex Bespoke Classic Fiat 500 Outdoor Car Cover by
Finding a good fitting cover for the Classic 500 is a real problem, if you are looking for an off the shelf cover, mainly due to its size.... its tiny.  The only way to protect it well is to go down the Bespoke route.  This way mirror pocket(s) can be added, for a single or dual mirrors, and it will guarantee to fit perfectly and not flap and chaff the paint in the wind.

Our Advan-Tex solution, as seen in the photos below offers, such a solution.  Customers can choose colour, tax disc or parking permit windows, integrated alarm, number plate windows, backed by our comprehensive 2 year Guarantee.

With a soft, brushed inner this cover is gentle on paint and with multiple under body straps is designed to stay on the car no matter how windy it gets.

For more information or to order a Classic Fiat 500 Bespoke Car Cover visit our website.