Monday 1 August 2016

Car Storage and Cover Checklist for Hot Climates

Over the years we have supplied many car covers to hot countries, and knowing what to buy and what to look for is important when choosing the right cover.  Heat, Sun and high UV effects some covers badly so we have put together a checklist before any potential purchase...

1) The most important thing is DO NOT buy a Polyurathane cover for use in a hot country.  These are usually plastic based and have vents rather than breathable fabric.  They have a UV resister in the material but this only works normally up to 20 degrees C.  This type of cover will suffer badly, very quickly, resulting in cracking and peeling of the outer layer within months if not weeks.

2) Dont buy a dark or Black cover.  The best colour for use in heat and high UV is Silver, followed by Grey

3) If the cover is being left on a Vehicle long term in the Summer months somewhere hot then make sure you read any Care or Useage Guide that comes with the product so you know where you stand regarding any guarantee.

4) If the car is being parked long term and left unattended then the fixing of the cover to the vehicle is also very important.  The last thing you want is to return to your vehicle and find its blown up at the front or rear or worst case off completely, leaving the car unprotected from the heat and sun.  Here at Coveryourcar we have developed our PLUS range of covers with this in mind as each one is fitted with a hemline tension skirt system for your piece of mind.

5) Tyre covers are also worth considering if the car is not being moved for a while as they can egg over time and also the side walls can crack if exposed to sun for long periods.  We would recommend using something like our Tyre Covers to prevent this from happening.

So based on all of the above, if you bought a cover from us here at Coveryourcar for use in a hot climate, we would recommend the Stormforce PLUS or Voyager PLUS, along with a set of Wheel Covers for extra protection.

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