Wednesday 13 July 2016

Car Thefts Off Driveways On The Up!

This has been a problem for many years in certain parts of the country, where high end cars are stolen to order from driveways or garages, by criminals breaking into homes, looking purely for car keys.  We have heard of people being held at knife point in their homes while their car is simply driven away, often ending up overseas or used later in further criminal activities.

Many of these crimes are targeted where a specific make and model of vehicle is acquired as a target and then taken at when the right moment arises. This type of crime is on the increase in the UK.

One simple way to protect yourself from this is to use a cover on your car when not in use so it cant be targeted by passing criminals.  Also many forms of security now being used on cars by owners has gone back to Old Tech methods, Wheel Clamps, Steering Wheel Locks and the like as many high end alarms can now be hacked and turned off using specific scanning equipment.  Fitting a cover with an alarm in it also one of those Old Skool Type, tried and tested ways of alerting you when your vehicle is being tampered with.

A good example of this was the issue with the Ford Focus RS Mk2, where there was a problem with the diagnostic port inside the car being hacked, alarm turned off and simply driven away.  A cover with an alarm in it will activate once removed by the unsuspecting criminals,  alerting the car owner and also catching the unsuspecting thief by surprise.

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