Tuesday 27 October 2015

Car Covers - That Time Of Year!

Quite often at this time of year customers will think their car cover is leaking because they will find moisture on their car on certain days whereas in reality its due to heavy, damp air, passing through the breathable car cover fabric and condensing when it hits cold metal car body surface.

This is best seen at night or early morning when cars in the street may be covered in condensation or a fine mist, yet its not even been raining.  This is exactly the same as what happens under a cover to a degree as the air can pass through the material both ways.

If you uncover the car early morning or late evening then it figures that you may see some of this condensation.

If you uncover the car around mid day when the temperature has risen slightly then you wont see any as any moisture will vent off through the cover, passing away from the car.

So don't panic, your cover isn't leaking, its just a natural phenomenon that occurs in nature.

Stormforce VX220 Outdoor Waterproof and
Breathable Car Cover In Action
Ways to reduce condensation.

1) Park away from plants, shrubs and trees which tend to attract moisture on certain evenings

2) Park on a hard surface, not soil or grass or something which will hold moisture which will then rise under the cover.

3) Park so that the covered car is in early morning sunlight, this will speed up the venting away process.

4) Remove the cover regularly to dry it out and let the car breathe naturally.

Also if you cover an  open car, dont expect the cover to keep the condensation out, no cover will.  you will end up with moisture on seats and dash, dont forget a cover is not a garage.

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