Tuesday 1 September 2015

VW Camper Van - Stormforce PLUS Car Cover - Why its a must!

We are now several months into producing the new and improves Stormforce PLUS car covers and one thing is obvious from all the covers we have sold.  The Camper Van Version is a must have optional upgrade, here's why....

Most cars have a bonnet and a boot so a cover naturally lies well on the vehicle, tucking under the front and rear.

Because the Camper Van is a unique, Van type shape, there is no Bonnet and no boot to tuck the material under so the extra Hemline Skirt and tension provided by the PLUS Version of either the Stormforce or the Voyager is very beneficial to the fit and long term coverage of the car if stored outdoors in bad weather or for long periods.

One of our most popular covers currently, the Stormforce PLUS for the Type 2 Camper Van

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