Monday 14 December 2015

Car Cover New Developments for 2016

As one of the Market Leaders in the industry and one of the UKs longest established Car Cover Companies there are lots of new developments on the way for 2016 for our customers.  These include...

A) Our Cielo Outdoor 2 Tone Covers are custom made to order, bespoke and fit like a glove.  These will be rolled out in full in 2016 so will be available for all Vehicles, not just a select few as feedback has been so good.  A great fit at a great price.

B) We are introducing a Softech Light, Indoor Custom Cover, as supplied officially to the likes of Audi and Bentley, less heavy than a fleece but just as effective and much cheaper.

C) We have been amazed how well our customers have received the new Stormforce PLUS and Voyager PLUS covers this year so plan to reduce the waiting time on Upgrade Production by stocking the most popular patterns.  If you are having issues keeping your current cover on your car when it's Stormy then you need to look at what the PLUS offers.  2 Year guarantee as usual & piece of mind factor thrown in.

D) Stripes - If Stripes are something you want on your fleece cover then we can oblige from 2016 - Single or Double in any colour.

May we take this opportunity to wish all our customers a Happy Christmas and Great New Year!

The Team @ Coveryourcar