Sunday 28 December 2008

Half Top Covers - Good or Bad?

We quite often receive calls from customers asking about Half Top Covers, normally from people with soft tops. We dont sell Half Top covers and there is a very good reason for it. Many people think they are easier and quicker to fit than complete covers, which they arent, due to the number of straps involved.
These straps to attach the Half Top to the car and usually run over the bodywork. This is a BAD idea.
a) Any straps that run over paintwork will scratch in time as they are abrasive.
b) Any serious amount of wind will cause the Half top to lift like a parachute as the wind gets under it, which defeats the object of putting something on the soft top.
c) Some are not soft top safe as waterproofing agent seeps through cover into soft top which can cause marks which are hard to remove.
Anyone seriously thinking about buying one of these should ask the right questions first. The above opinions and information are based on our experiences.