Wednesday 17 December 2008

Car Cover Alarm

Our best kept secret is now available to buy online. We have developed a Car Cover Alarm which can be added to any new Stormforce or Sahara Car Cover via ourselves at

An alarm sits inside the cover in a specially developed pocket and activates when the cover is removed by any undesireables.

The Cover can be used with or without the alarm active or installed; Alarm Car Be Fitted to Stormforce or Sahara Car Covers on purchase; Cover can be used with or without the alarm system; Protects your cover and your car; Adds a few extra days to delivery as the pocket has to be machined in ; No need for locking kit and padlock; Cant be fitted to Voyager or Monsoon

The Alarm feature can also be fitted to Sahara Car Covers incase you need added protection if your car is stored in a lockup away from home. Full Video and Picture Gallery Walkthrough coming soon. Price is £25 inc vat and includes the alarm and machining time for pocket.