Monday 3 October 2011

Battery Hydro Energy Drink - Coveryourcar Awarded Authorised Dealership

We are pleased to announce that this week, have been awarded one of the very first UK dealerships for Battery Energy Drink.

Our Cycle Team will be promoting the brand during events and races throughout the UK over 2012, in particular the unique Battery Hydro product, which is available to buy online right now here at

Like other Battery energy drinks, Battery Hydro works when refreshment is needed, but its properties enable it to also be used in connection with sports activities / physical activation. Battery Hydro has been developed for people with active lifestyles, to keep them going whatever they want or need to do. Hydro is a mid-calorie energy drink with 15 kcal/100 ml, as sweeteners, sugar and fructose. Beginning from mid-March 2011 the new lightly carbonated, refreshing lemon-flavoured drink will be sold in distinctive 0,33l can.

Like other energy drinks, Battery Hydro should not be consumed before bedtime. The drink is also not meant for children, expectant mothers, or persons sensitive to caffeine. The recommended maximum daily consumption is 2 bottles or 3 cans, depending on the market.