Saturday 28 August 2010

Caring for Your Car Cover

To get the most out of your Coveryourcar Car Cover you will need to look after it, treat it well and it will protect your car for years. Here are some tips on how to best look after the cover so it will protect your car flawlessly.

1) When the cover is not is use, always keep it in a clean, dust free environment. If its damp allow it to dry, dont store it wet it will go mouldy if left wet for a long time scrunched up somewhere.

2) When putting the cover on or off the car keep it off the floor, you don't want it picking up dirt or dust off the floor. This also applies to cars in garages.

3) When putting the cover on, always start at the roof and fold down. Dont drag the cover over the car from front to back.

4) When removing the cover, dont pull it off in one go, fold it onto the roof, corner by corner, make sure the straps are removed totally before doing so.

5) Washing your cover - All our covers can be washed. The best way to wash a cover is at a low temperature with no deturgent and probably in a bath, NOT a washing machine. Lux Flakes are ideal as they contain to ingredients that will distroy and inner membrane.

6) Make sure your car is clean before you cover it. Any dirt on the car will end up on the inside of the cover and over time will get worse and worse. Use a Dust Particle Removing Wand to lift and fine particles after a sunny drive when you may think the car is clean but it isnt.

7) Keep the cover away from very hot exhausts, although most of the material we use is heat resistant it will brown over time if constantly placed against extremely hot surface.

8) Keep animals such as Cats, Foxes and Rodents away from the car cover, if they climb onto it or use it as a scratchpad then chances are it will rip or become damage. Using an Electronic Cat Deterrent such as Catwatch can help.

Hopefully follow these tips and your cover and car will perform brilliantly for many years.

The Car Cover Team at