Friday 8 January 2010

Cover Frozen to your Car?

With uk temperatures down to as low as -22 recently, here are some tips on using your car cover in these extreme conditions from us here at Coveryourcar.

1) Make sure your car is dry and free from moisture before fitting any cover. This can then freeze under the cover making it difficult to remove the cover without damaging it.

2) If you find your cover is frozen to your car, either use a hairdryer on a gentle heat to warm the frozen areas or some tepid water, poured over the outside of the cover. This will then enable you to remove the cover safely in one piece.

3) Our Stormforce car coversare amazingly tough, make sure when the cover it taken off the car it is left to dry somewhere. Dont store it wet or on the floor.

Good luck and take care out there from us all at