Saturday 18 September 2010

Why your Audi R8 Needs a Cover

If you have an Audi R8 and want to protect it while outdoors, you need one of our outside fitted cover for it... why?

a) The Audi R8 is an afforadable supercar but extremely wide and not suitable to a standard garage so unless you have a double garage then it isnt going to fit inside.

b) A general fit X Large style general fit cover is not going to fit the R8 at all so this rules out most online or high street retailers.

c) On the later cars, Audi added extra vents to the engine bay to help cooling but water can sometimes get in causing a steam bath effect on starting the engine. Solution? fit one one our waterproof covers and stop any water getting in.

d) The Audi R8 is an icon and can be a target for any narrow minded yob. The cover, fitted with one of our car cover alarms can stop them in their tracks.

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