Sunday 9 May 2010

Tips on Choosing the right Car Cover

So you have a nice car, you like to look after it and keep it clean. This makes sense as its an investment and there is no better way to protect it than a good quality fitted car cover. Finding the right one however can be an easy as scooping air into a heap. A quick search of the internet will reveal a variety of websites selling car covers, all claiming to be the best.

So you are surfing the net looking for the right cover. Here are some tips on do's and donts to help you avoid disappointment.

a) Dont buy the cover because it seems cheap. If its cheap, its cheap for a reason.

b) Dont buy a cover because of a special free offer or giveaway item, its the cover that you wanted to buy not a freebie.

c) Ensure the cover is a specific fit for your car. Many websites we have visited ( some very reputable and selling supposed custom fit covers ) ask you for your make and model and even year of car, do a search, then come up with the phrase "Medium Cover", this will be a generic fit so be warned.

d) Make sure the cover has a guarantee, 2 year if possible

e) Make sure the seller is actually there, ring them up if you can, ask for advice and get a feel for the customer service / backup

Car Covers are used indoors or outdoors or both. Indoor Covers protect from dust, dents and dings. In a garage damp or moisture generally rises from the floor so it needs to be breathbale so as not to trap any moisture underneith. The very best indoor car covers are Soft, Fleece and Stretch and fit the car like a second Skin. Our Softech Indoor Covers and like this and can be made in custom colours.

Outdoor car covers protect your car against acid rain showers, harsh UV rays, cats, kids playing football, acidic bird droppings and dust and dirt, even sand. A light weighed breathable car cover can be used in this instance, like our Voyager Car Cover. Also ideal if taking with you in the car and space is limited. ie small boot.

For longer term outdoor storage, a Monsoon, Stormforce or Advantex cover should be used, these are Waterproof yet breathable and have a soft, brushed inner.

Our covers have advanced to the degree where they can be custom made to accomodate a single wing mirror, non removable aerial, parking permits, number plates, custom printing, alarmed and or locked.

Here is a list of our best selling car cover marques..
Car Covers for Aston Martin, Porsche, Jaguar, BMW and Mercedes

Once you have purchased your car cover you need to take care of it properly in order for it to take care of your car. Be careful where you put your car cover when not on the vehicle and make sure its not left on the floor and its dry before you store it. Here is a great video we found on cleaning your car cover...View Video

If in doubt visit us today at Coveryourcar, we are here to help and answer your questions.

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