Friday 14 September 2012

Car Covers, Heat and UV

When choosing an outdoor car cover, its worth considering the type of climate its likely to be exposed to. With any piece of fabric outdoors and open to the elements it will degrade over time. With this in mind our Stormforce fabric has been designed to withstand the cold winters and hot summers of most European climates with no problems. This fabric is so amazing that it even copes with the heat of Australia, Spain, South of France, Italy and the like where the wrong type of fabric could quickly disintegrate.

Rule of thumb tends to be, if its going to be Hot then avoid Polyurethane based covers. As a company we will not ship these covers to hot climates, we will always advise customers, on alternatives which will work and last longer. If a cover has "vents" or a scoop on the bonnet or roof area then it will probably be Polyurethane as a fully Breathable material, such as Stormforce needs no extra venting.

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