Monday 23 July 2012

Keeping Cats Off Cars

How do I go about keeping cats off my car is a question we get asked quite a lot here at

Cats like the warm bonnet of a just parked car but in the process of getting up there and then sitting there can cause deep scratches in you paintwork.

Quite often a car cover will do the job. Our Voyager Car Covers are made from a material that cats hate and find hard to get a claw into, to climb up onto the car.

If this fails then another alternative is a quality Car Deterrent such as a Cat Watch device. This works on motion detection and emits a signal only cats can hear. Wont effect dogs or birds. ( The Catwatch Device is the only one recommended by the RSPB )

The cat will learn to stay out of the field of view and stay off your pride and joy. For more information visit our product specific Catwatch page.