Wednesday 29 October 2008

Why buy a Car Cover?

We have sold thousands of car covers over the years and here are some of the reasons why people buy them.

a) Bird Muck - If you leave your car outside, then bird excrement can be harmful to your paintwork. If you don't wash it off right away, your car's finish can be damaged. Some bird muck is so damaging that the only fix is a respray, even a buff and wax job won't completely restore the finish. A car cover will catch the poop before it does permanent damage. You may think this is never going to happen to your car, but we have seen it. The situation is normally worse in the summer, if it gets hot and people leave their cars unatended, during a holiday for example.

b) Tree Sap & Leaves - At certain times of the year sap, secreated from the leaves of trees can fall onto your car or windscreen and once it hardens it very difficult to remove. Leaves can block drainage channels and cause rain ingress into the car. Then you have the added threat of branches, buds, acorns, berries or worse falling onto the car if parked under trees.

c) Security - Many customers call and purchase a cover after having their car keyed or badges pinched, stating that the police have recommended they buy a car cover. With our locking kit and new ( in progress cover alarm system ) this makes the culprit think twice. Why choose your car when another is easier.

d) Polution & The Elements - Snow, frost, rain, hail etc are the main reason people by outdoor car covers.

e) Animals - Cats are a really big problem, especially with Soft Top Cars.

f) Dust & Protection - Indoor covers tend to be bought to keep dust off a car or protect from people in the garage brushing next to the car and scratching it by accident. Many under ground parking areas suffer badly with dust as other cars start and the exhaust blows dust from the floor up into the atmosphere which then settles on the other cars parked there.

g) Kids - A ball scuffing off the surface of a car can create a circular mark that can't be fixed by waxing of buffing. A car cover will prevent this.

Which ever way you look at it, buying the right cover can be an investment for the protection of your car. However its easy to buy the wrong cover as there are lots of bad ones about and you wont have to look hard to find will however have to look harder to find the good ones.


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