Saturday 25 October 2008

Classic Car = Classis Investment

In these turbulent times of stock market crashes and bank rescues, its a welcoming thought to think that a quality classic car, purchased out of a longing for something different, is more than likely the safest investment you could make.

Having bought our Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1 many years ago, not as an investment, but as a "propper" car with character and pedigree, one thing is for sure is thats it is still worth more now than all the cars we have bought in the interim.

The term ‘classic car’ is difficult to define and has been used to describe nearly any car from the 1940s that has a fan base. In general terms cars over 15 years old begin to gain classic status so from an investment point of view many factors need to be considered. As with most investments the rules of supply and demand apply. The common interest shared by classics is that they have a fan base which creates the initial demand allowing it to retain, or in some cases appreciate in value.

Hence, I would recommend buying a classic car as an investment and of course, pop one of our car covers on it, makes perfect financial sense and now you can justfy it to the Mrs at last!